Mattapoisett Library Celebrates a Birthday

“Say Triskaidekaphobia!” the Cat in the Hat told the children, posing for a photo at the Mattapoisett Free Library on Saturday, March 22. What the heck is that, the children asked the Cat in the Hat. “Google it!” he told the children laughing at his silliness. The library knows how to throw a party, celebrating five years since the Friends of the Mattapoisett Library funded the expansion of the library. “They even bought a cake,” said Children’s Services Librarian Sandra Burke. “Shall we say ‘thank you’ to the friends?” The Cat in the Hat read two stories to the children before ushering them over to the cake table. Some kids were a little afraid of the Cat, reluctantly entering the room and clinging to Mom’s leg, but eventually joined the others in the fun. By Jean Perry

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