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Thoughts on Names and Nicknames
By Dick Morgado
Since my retirement and return to this special place we call home, I have renewed acquaintances with old friends from high school whom I hadn't seen in many decades. This appears to have presented a number of them with the dilemma of whether to call me by my given name Richard, or my nickname Dick.
It is a nickname I acquired in college some 50 years ago. Later, when I was illustrating children's books, it was more friendly on a book cover than Richard but too casual when I taught at college where I reverted to my more formal given name. Except for the time I wrote a condolence to a bereaved neighbor's family on a funeral home website and it was rejected because they thought my name had ... shall I say ... a negative connotation, it has served me well.
Anyway, all this confusion has me thinking about all the names and nicknames I encountered during my life. Most people don't need to know too many names, but teachers especially have to memorize hundreds over the course of a school year just to avoid confusion. No kid likes to be called "Hey, you" or "What's your name back there?"
So names are important to teachers. I've known colleagues who spent their entire summer vacations memorizing the names of next year's students. I recall memorization is a part of the Teacher Competency Test, so knowing your students' names is certainly a skill teachers need to master. My own kids are grown, so I pretty much have their names memorized. Their appearance has changed but, so far, they've kept their names.
You run into some pretty peculiar names in a class room. I recall I had one student named Jorritsma. I'd never heard of that one. Another was named Linnea. I'd never heard of it either, though I think it is a pretty name. Some names you just don't hear of anymore. When I was about 8 years old, I had a friend named Norbert. He had a newspaper route and I used to help him deliver his papers. I'd carry the bag while he ... hey, I recall old Norbert was quite a large fellow. Perhaps I was not helping him voluntarily. But, I digress.
I'll bet you don't know a single person named Norbert ... large or small, and, I dare say never have. I wonder, if he's still around today, whether he's called Norb or Norby or Bert. Norbert is one of those old-fashioned names parents just don't name their babies today. Names like Clyde, or Durwood, or Rudolph, or Albert. Come to think of it, you probably know an Albert. My father's name was Albert, though everyone called him Al. I don't recall anyone ever calling him Bert.
The only Berts I can think of are Bert Parks, the old host of the Miss America Pageant and that character who lives with Ernie on Sesame Street. I wonder if their real names might be Norbert. Or, Bertram. There's another name you don't often hear ... Bertram Russell, the famous philosopher not-with-standing (did his friends call him Bert?) ... I can't think of another Bertram I know.
I'm surprised I never ran into a Sylvester in a classroom. Sylvester Stallone's mother knew a good name when she heard one, and he's a big action hero who some young parent surely would want to name their kid after. I wonder if his mother named him after that black and white cat who chased the canary in the old Warner Brothers cartoons. Stallone's nickname is "Sly." Do you think his high school friends still call him Sylvester?
My mother's name was Pearl. She was named after Pearl White, an old movie actress ... I think, who came before Pearl Bailey the singer and Pearl Buck the writer. They are the only Pearls I know of. My mother had a cousin named Palmiela, but that probably doesn't count because it's an ethnic name ... it's Portuguese. Can you imagine teaching a class with Jorrritsma, Durwood, Rudolph, Clyde, Bertram, Albert, Sylvester, Pearl, Palmiela and Norbert all together. At least you wouldn't have to wonder which of the five Amys, four Allisons and three Jons would respond when you called their name. That little exercise would be a competency test in itself.
When I couldn't remember students' names, I'd just called them Smiley. I hope my friends resolve their dilemma soon. I'm happy to answer to either Richard or Dick. Just don't call me Smiley.

Academic Achievements
Kevin Andrews of Rochester has been named to the Westfield State University Dean's List for the fall 2016 semester.
Carolyn L. Foley, a sophomore from Mattapoisett majoring in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Virginia Tech, is among the Virginia Tech students named to the Dean's List for the fall 2016 semester.
Northeastern University is pleased to recognize those students who distinguish themselves academically during the course of the school year. The following students were recently named to the University's dean's list for the fall semester, which ended in December 2016.
- Mattapoisett resident Amanda Carreiro, a Northeastern University student majoring in Health Science
- Mattapoisett resident Madison Durr, a Northeastern University student majoring in Nursing
- Rochester resident John Cady, a Northeastern University student majoring in Business Administration

Machacam Club
The Machacam Club will hold the March meeting on March 1 at the Legion Hall at 3 Depot Street. Social time is 5:30 pm; dinner is at 6:00 pm.
The meal will be ham & beans with pie for dessert. Our speaker for the evening will be our own Dr. Kim. His presentation, which involves his homeland South Korea, is both timely and very scary. He has titled it "The Recent Political Crisis in Korea," which has been extensively covered by the media due to the actions of the current dictator of North Korea. I appreciate Dr. Kim's willingness to assist me as a guest speaker. I am certain this presentation will prove to be of great interest to all.
Callers and members are asked to bear in mind the importance of call list accuracy. Caller lists should be done and reported no later than 9:00 pm on Monday, February 27 by e-mail to or by phone to Mike at 508-758-9311. Members with requests can contact Mike by phone at 508-758-9311 no later than 9:00 am on Tuesday, February 28.

Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner
On Saturday, March 11, there will be a corned beef & cabbage dinner for $15 at The Knights lower level, 57 Fairhaven Road in Mattapoisett from 5:00 to 7:00 pm. To make reservations, call Jim at 508-863-3496. The proceeds go to the Knights of Columbus, Damien Council Scholarship Fund.

Showstoppers' Performing Arts Camp
Registrations are now being accepted for Showstoppers' 13th Annual Performing Arts Camp for boys and girls in grades 2 to 8, April 17-21, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm daily, at the Mattapoisett Congregational Church Hall on Church Street in Mattapoisett. A musical theater showcase will be presented to the public at 7:00 pm on the Friday night. The $175 fee per child includes performance CD, T-shirt, daily snacks and certificate of completion. Don't delay! Reserve your spot today! For more information or to register, call 508-758-4525 or email

Mattapoisett's Tree Committee
Mattapoisett's Tree Committee recently partnered with The Massachusetts Urban and Community Forestry Program to bring to Old Hammondtown School fifth grade classes a poster contest that highlighted the importance of trees in the environment. The poster contest, a state-wide Arbor Day event, was titled "Trees are Terrific from Berkshires to Bay." OHS art instructor Greta Anderson shepherded 15 fifth-graders through the artistic process as they sought top place at the local level. Winning first place was Fiona Hoben who received a $25 gift certificate to No Kidding. The runner up was Camryn Maniatis who received a $10 gift certificate to the toy store. Mattapoisett Tree Committee member Jodi Bauer coordinated the activity. The winning poster will be sent to Boston where it will be entered in the state finals. The winner of the state contest will receive a tree valued at $200 and art supplies for their school.
Municipal tree committees fall under the direction of Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. Under governance of the DCR, cities may be considered for the title of TREE CITY. For eight years, Mattapoisett has been designated a TREE CITY. To maintain that high standard, the town must be committed to engage in conservation activities that stimulate interest in trees. Mattapoisett's tree committee has partnered with the library and schools to educate children on identifying leaves and trees, recognize how trees protect our environment, present methods to protect against moth infestations, and other community activities that promote greater understanding and appreciation of trees.
Along with engaging other town commissions, schools, educators and the like in a variety of activities, to be awarded the title of TREE CITY a community must meet four standards: maintain a Tree Board or Department or tree warden that oversees the community's annual work plan; maintain a tree ordinance with policies for planting, maintaining, and removing public trees; maintain a budget of $2 per capita for tree-related management activities; and observance of Arbor Day engaging civic leaders, residents, children, government leaders and an official proclamation. Mattapoisett's Tree Committee extends itself across the community and needs your help. If you are interested in being considered for volunteer appointment to Mattapoisett's Tree Committee or working with the committee to donate or memorialize and sponsor a tree, you may contact Chairman Sandy Hering at or call 508-758-3008. You may also visit the committee's Facebook page.

Marion-Rochester Emergency Shelter Operations Training Drill
A shelter operations drill will be held at Sippican School in Marion on Thursday, March 7 at 6:30 pm. Come learn how you can help your family and community in a disaster. Free and open to all Marion and Rochester residents as well as persons interested in helping this community in the event of an emergency.
All volunteers are welcome and no medical background or experience is required. We need "all hands on deck" to protect our community in the event of a disaster.
There will be short presentation about the work done by the Medical Reserve Corps to protect the community followed by a walk through mock shelter operation. Time for discussion and questions, preparation materials and refreshments will be available after the walk through.
To attend, please register with the Marion Board of Health at 508-748-3530 or email Enter the school by the Park Street entrance at the back of Sippican School.
If interested but unable to attend, please email for volunteer information.

Mattapoisett Woman's Club Scholarship
Mattapoisett Woman's Club is pleased to offer four $1,000 scholarship awards to Mattapoisett residents who are high school seniors, graduating June 2017. Those who are re-entering the academic world after graduating prior to 2017, and are in pursuit of a post-secondary degree program, will also be considered for one of these awards.
Mattapoisett Woman's Club is a philanthropic organization that plans and executes fundraising events to help generate the revenue for these scholarships and other charitable donations. In offering these scholarships, the club supports educational leadership and helps to give back to the community that has partnered with the club in its fundraising efforts.
To apply and obtain the scholarship applications, contact the Guidance Offices at the local high schools or preparatory schools. Both applications will be available. You must be a Mattapoisett resident. Deadline for returning the completed application is April 30, 2017.
The following schools will be participating:
1. ORRHS, Marion Road, Mattapoisett MA 02739
2. Bishop Stang High School, 500 Slocum Road, N. Dartmouth, MA 02747
3. Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School, 476 North Avenue, Rochester, MA 02770
4. Tabor Academy, Front Street, Marion, MA 02738
5. Bristol County Agricultural High School, 135 Center Street, Dighton, MA 02715
The scholarship winners will be announced at the schools' awards night prior to graduation. Final deadline for returning completed applications is April 30, 2017. No one will be considered after this date. The scholarship money is paid directly to the student's college and the scholarship will be granted after the first successfully completed semester in college.
If you have any further questions, you may contact the Mattapoisett Woman's Club at P.O. Box 1444, Mattapoisett, MA 02739.

Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic
On Sunday, February 26 at 7:00 pm, St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, 124 Front Street, Marion will hold a book-study discussion of the highly-acclaimed best-seller Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones. An investigative journalist, Quinones weaves together two riveting tales of how the opiate epidemic spread across the United States, in which aggressive marketing of pain killers by pharmaceutical companies combined with a changed approach from the poppy-growing region of northwest Mexico, and led to a catastrophic national crisis. All are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Grant
Join the Tabor community for the next Science@Work Lecture on February 28 at 6:30 pm. Dr. Karl Kistler and his students will share an update on the school's progress with the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant they received in September. Kistler will share the collaborative story of how Tabor students have worked together creatively in teams to create "Sammy the Seabot," an ROV device to monitor water quality variables in Buzzards Bay.
Last fall, Tabor was awarded a $10,000 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant to create the device, just one of 15 high schools nationwide to be selected by the prestigious program. Kistler thought that combining engineering with marine science for this project was the right path for Tabor students. He shared, "Sammy will be operated remotely via a tether or programmed to function autonomously to collect water samples and take various measurements." The students hope that this device "would be useful to our marine science classes, the Town of Marion, the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and other researchers."
This initiative of the Lemelson-MIT Program aims to inspire a new generation of inventors and to empower a legacy of inventors through activities that inspire youth, honor role models, and encourage creativity and problem solving.
The free and open lecture will take place on Tuesday, February 28 at 6:30 pm in Lyndon South Auditorium in the Stroud Academic Center, 232 Front Street, Marion, MA 02738.

Straus Re-Appointed Chairman of Joint Committee on Transportation
Representative William M. Straus (D-Mattapoisett) has been re-appointed by the House Democratic Caucus as Chairman of the Joint Committee on Transportation at the State House. Rep. Straus has served on the Transportation Committee since 2009 as House Chair.
Remaining at the helm of the Transportation Committee on Beacon Hill keeps Representative Straus in a strong position regarding several significant pending transportation initiatives important to the Commonwealth, wrong way/distracted driving, autonomous vehicles, value capture financing and rail expansion projects including South Coast Rail.
"I am honored to serve in this leadership position and welcome the challenge of overseeing legislation to improve the state's transportation systems" said Straus. "Among the bills I will be pursuing is one I filed this session to address the problem of wrong way driving that directs the Department of Transportation to prioritize for fixing the most dangerous areas in the state. Rep Straus said, "Every time a tragedy occurs, it is too many. Of great importance to my district and the surrounding region is the prospect of conveniently and directly connecting South Coast commuters to the Boston area."
"I look forward to the challenge to make our transportation system reliable, well-funded, safe, and a contributor to our state's economic growth," he concluded.

Living in Two Worlds
Renowned Irish mystic Lorna Byrne and English author and publisher Mark Booth are joining forces to kick off the Marion Institute's 2017 Connector Series with "Living in Two Worlds" on March 25. Together, they will explore the intertwining roles of the feminine and masculine as illustrated in the world of mythology and alchemy, offer spiritual guidance, and answer questions from the audience.
As long as she can remember, Ms. Byrne has seen angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see other people. Although she sees them every day, Ms. Byrne did not talk about it until seven years ago. Since then, the diminutive, soft-spoken mystic has become an international bestselling author. Her books, Angels in my Hair, Stairways to Heaven, A Message of Hope from the Angels, and Love from Heaven have been translated into 30 languages. Ms. Byrne has been featured extensively in worldwide television, radio and print media, including CNN, NBC Today, BBC, The London Times, and The Economist.
"Like Teresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Paramhansa Yogananda, and Rudolf Steiner, she has exceptional access to spiritual realms and spiritual beings," said Mr. Booth. "In fact, in Lorna Byrne's case, she can't tune out. This other realm is present to her all the time, intermingling with the material world and influencing it."
Mr. Booth, who sometimes writes under the pen name Jonathan Black, is the author of The Secret History of the World, The Secret History of Dante, and The Sacred History. Mr. Booth studied philosophy and theology at Oxford's Oriel College. His books are the result of a lifetime spent researching and publishing theological, philosophical and spiritual texts.
This all-day spiritual journey will take place at TownePlace Suites Wareham and includes breakfast and lunch. Tickets cost $100 and are available at or by calling 508-748-0816.
The Marion Institute is an incubator of initiatives that generate positive social change in the areas of fresh food, health, sustainability and spirituality. For over 20 years, locally and globally, we have been working, first through Connecting for Change and now via the Connector Series, to promote thoughtful dialogue and action, and steer change in a positive direction. The Marion Institute's work has connected change-makers to organizational support in ways that have impacted individuals and communities all over the world.

From the Mattapoisett Town Clerk
Mattapoisett Census/Dog Licensing: The Town of Mattapoisett has mailed out their 2017 census forms. Please check that all your household members are listed and that their information is current and correct. Return the census forms to the Town Clerk's Office as soon as possible. On the back of the census is a form for dog licensing. If you enclose a payment, a current rabies certificate and a self-addressed stamped envelope, we would be glad to mail your dog license to you. Dogs must be licensed on or before March 31, 2017. If you did not receive a census form in the mail, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 508-758-4100 ext. 2.
Mattapoisett Harbor Billing Notice: All bills for Mattapoisett Harbor Permits for the 2017 season have been mailed out. If you provided an email address, the bills were sent out via email. Please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 508-758-4100 ext. 2 if you did not receive your bill or have any questions regarding it. In order to issue a permit for the upcoming season, we must have an updated mooring inspection and current boat registration or documentation on file. The due date for the harbor bills is April 3, 2017.
Mattapoisett Town Election Info: Nomination papers are available for the Mattapoisett Town Election at the Town Clerk's Office. There are many offices on the ballot this year including Board of Selectmen, Board of Assessors, Town Clerk, Moderator, Community Preservation Committee, Board of Health, School Committee, Planning Board, Public Library Trustee, and Water & Sewer Commissioner. The last day to obtain nomination papers is Friday, March 24, 2017. The Town Election will be held on Tuesday, May 16, 2017. If you have any questions, please call the Town Clerk's Office at 508-758-4100 ext. 2.

Gateway Youth Hockey
Squirts: The Gladiator Squirts faced off against Braintree on Sunday. The Gladiators came out flying and skated away with a 9-3 win. Returning to net after a three-week hiatus, Ryan Killion was a rock stopping 13 of 16 shots. On offense, Brayden Cannon and Tommy Clavell each netted four goals with Brayden Hathon adding the ninth. Supporting the scoring with assists were Bree Killion (2), Patrick Duggan (2), Mike Brown (1), Liz Kilpatrick (1), Ben Hebbel (1), Pat Tripp (1) and Kevin Place (1).
Pee Wees: Gateway Pee Wees faced Duxbury on Sunday. In the first period, Thomas Leger put Gateway on the board unassisted. Ty Rebeiro put one in with an assist from Matthew Stone, and Joe Urnek added a goal with an assist from Matthew Paling. In the second, Rebeiro and Paling both added unassisted goals and Rebeiro also put in another assisted by Urnek, securing the hat trick. Duxbury was able to keep Gateway from scoring in the third but was unable to score themselves, giving Ryker King a 6-0 shut-out.
Bantams: The Gladiator Bantam team played short-handed on Sunday and it showed in a 6-1 loss to the Canal Sharks. With only ten players at the start of the game, the Gladiators kept it close through one and a half periods. Trailing 2-0 going early in the second period, the Gladiators got on the board when Tyler Lovendale took a pass from Quirino doCanto and beat the goalie. Unfortunately, that was the closest they got and fatigue set in. Canal took advantage of the short bench and scored four more goals. Alex DeMarco did all he could in net, but the Sharks were just too much.

South Coast Bikeway Alliance
The South Coast Bikeway Alliance (SCBA) is pleased to announce their 7th Annual Bike Summit will be held on Thursday, March 23 at the Fort Taber Community Center, 1000A S. Rodney French Blvd., New Bedford. This year's summit focuses on "Building the South Coast Bikeway" and hopes to bring awareness to the numerous pathway projects, large and small, within the South Coast communities.
All who bike, hike, walk or run are invited to join the SCBA for an interesting and informative evening as they celebrate recently completed South Coast Bikeway pathways in New Bedford and Fall River and share the latest news for planned projects in Dartmouth, UMass Dartmouth, Marion, Mattapoisett and Wareham. Learn about the potential to link New Bedford and Fall River with a 3.5 mile greenway in the largely rural areas north of I-195.
Colleen Abrams, the President of Wachusett Greenways, will be the keynote speaker. Ms. Abrams will speak about Wachusett Greenways' mission of connecting the Wachusett-area community with trails and greenways. In 1995, this all-volunteer nonprofit group and their partners began to build and maintain trails. Wachusett Greenways is best known as the steward of the Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT) in central Massachusetts. Discover how their model of working with nonprofits and state agencies could advance the progress of the pathways in your communities. A welcoming reception with exhibitors begins at 5:30 pm. Representatives from multiple local organizations who support greater passive enjoyment of our natural resource areas will be on hand to answer your questions. Meet with bikeway advocates, land preservationists, town and city planners and bicycle enthusiasts and discover what you can do to help complete the Bikeway. South Coast Bikeway Alliance representatives from South Coast towns and cities will be on hand to discuss progress and potential for new trails and multi-use paths in their communities.
The speakers program begins at 6:00 pm and concludes at 7:30 pm. All who have an interest in pathways for recreation, alternative transportation, promotion of tourism and economic development on the South Coast are welcome and encouraged to attend this free event. Light refreshments will be offered. Pre-registration is appreciated. Go to and click on "events calendar" or call SRPEDD at 508-824-1367 ext. 234 and ask to speak to Jackie Jones.

A Fun Mystery Romp with an All-Female Cast
It's one o'clock in the morning on a cold winter night, mystery writer Gillian Howard, enters her apartment, located in an old hotel, from a gala event in her honor. Suddenly the phone rings and the suspense begins. Theatre One Productions presents Glyn Jones's Thriller Of The Year, a fun play of mystery, laughs and surprises in its season wrap up at the Alley Theatre, 133 Center Street, Middleboro. The show featuring a talented all-female ensemble runs for two weekends: Friday and Saturday evenings, March 10 & 17, at 7:30 pm and Sunday afternoons, March 12 & 19, at 2:00 pm. Tickets are $20 for general admission and $18 for seniors and students - cash only at the door. We collect food donations at all our performances for the Middleboro COA Senior Pantry. Come join the fun with Theatre One, bringing a little bit of Broadway to your backyard. Info 1-774-213-5193.

All-State Symphonic Band
Tabor Academy trumpeter AJ Macrina '18 is slated to perform with the 2017 Massachusetts Music Educators All-State Symphonic Band. The All-State Concert will be held at Symphony Hall in Boston on Saturday, March 11. He was chosen for this prestigious honor through a competitive audition process held this year at the district and all-state levels.
The competition starts with over 7,000 students from across the state vying for only 1,600 positions to perform in one of the 20 ensembles (bands, orchestras, jazz bands and choirs) at the district level. Individual musicians perform selected music for a panel of judges who rank each instrument or vocal part. From this ranking, a select group of musicians advances from their district to compete against musicians from the four other districts in the state. The highest-ranking musicians judged at the All-State Auditions in January form the All-State Honors groups (about 500 musicians). Only the top 7% of musicians who initially audition for districts become All-State musicians. For AJ Macrina, a junior at Tabor, this was his first time to be selected as an All-State musician.
The All-State student musicians participate in three days of rehearsals directed by nationally recognized conductors during the MMEA All-State Festival and Concert. Their performance at Symphony Hall is certainly a highlight of their high school music experience and is one that they will remember for years to come.

Free Workshops at The Nemasket Group
Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change (MFOFC) in partnership with the Building Futures Project and the Family Connections Center of The Nemasket Group is sponsoring "A Full Life Ahead," a series of free workshops for parents and guardians of individuals with disabilities. The series focuses on providing information on topics such as social security, guardianship, friendships and transition that will lead to interdependent full lives in the community for people with disabilities.
Workshops are held at The Nemasket Group, located at 109 Fairhaven Road (The Pines), Mattapoisett, MA 02719 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. RSVP to Amy Cornell at or phone 508-999-4436.
Tuesday, March 7, 2017: Alphabet Soup of Resources - Social Security
Being aware of what entitlements your child is eligible for is important. Kim Melo, Benefits Specialist with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), will explain the Social Security (SSI/SSDI) programs, MassHealth and other benefits including the Section 8 program. Information on other services that can benefit individuals and families will also be provided.
Tuesday, March 28, 2017: Alternatives to Guardianship
Guardianship does not have to be an all-or-nothing deal. If your family member needs help making decisions in some areas of life, but not others, there are a number of other options available. Jay O'Brien, Co-founder and Executive Director of Exceptional Lives, will talk about the alternatives to guardianship for families and caregivers of persons with disabilities.
Tuesday, April 25, 2017: Expanding Opportunities for Friendships between People with and without Disabilities
Building and keeping relationships is an important part of a REAL LIFE. Happiness can come from knowing we have friends - people who care for us. Building relationships between individuals with or without disabilities should be encouraged wherever you live, learn, work and play. Jim Ross, Coordinator of the Widening the Circle Project, will lead a discussion on ways to build relationships between individuals with and without disabilities.
Tuesday, May 9, 2017: Planning for Life after Special Education in Massachusetts
Pamela Coveney and Hillary Dunn, Attorney's from the Disability Law Center (DLC) Education Team, will share specific suggestions on how to use the IEP process to develop comprehensive post-secondary vision statements, develop appropriate transition services for students, understand various diploma options, and share best practices for family involvement. Reference will be made to the latest edition of the manual "Planning for Life after Special Education in Massachusetts" available on-line.
Tuesday, June 6, 2017: Leaving the School System - What Services are Available?
This presentation will provide an overview of the range of services that the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission provide to individuals after they leave the school system. Ed Wilson and Tracey Daigneau from the Southeast Region of the Department of Developmental Services, and a representative from the New Bedford area office of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission will share information to assist individuals and families in determining which services might best meet their needs and how they can be arranged.

Mattapoisett Map-A-Palooza
Join the fun at Mattapoisett Map-A-Palooza. Come to 5 Church Street in Mattapoisett from 1:30 to 3:00 pm on Thursday, February 23. The Mattapoisett Historical Society, the Mattapoisett Land Trust and Matt Rec will host a school vacation event involving games, landmark hunting, map making and map swapping. This hands-on learning event is geared toward children ages 6-12. Participants will create a visual representation of Mattapoisett to be exhibited in the Mattapoisett Historical Society's summer exhibit. Please register as space is limited; call 508-758-2844 or email

Rochester Country Fair Dinner Dance
The Rochester Country Fair will be celebrating this year's Dinner Dance with a "Tribute to the American Farmer" theme on Saturday, March 18 at the Redmen Hall located at 758 Main Street in Wareham.
Guests are encouraged, but not required, to dress in their best farmer jeans and shirt and show their American Farmer pride. We are excited to celebrate this theme for the Fair since Rochester has such an extensive farming history that makes our town unique.
The Dinner Dance Fundraiser will kick off the night with a stuffed chicken breast dinner prepared by Matt's Blackboard, which will be served at 7:00 pm. Music by "The Relics" will begin at 8:00 pm.
Tickets to attend are $20 each, while supplies last, and unlike prior years, all tickets must be purchased in advance at The Hair & Body Solution, located in Rochester's Plumb Corner Mall, or at The Ponderosa located on Rt. 105 Acushnet / Rochester Line. You may also reach any of the Fair Committee Members.
Donations of raffle items are needed and will help support the Rochester Country Fair. We would especially love to have some home grown/made items from some of our local farmers.
Visit our website for additional event information or support.

MEFA College Admissions Seminar
Parents of sophomores and juniors are invited to attend a free seminar on college admissions, which will be held on Thursday, March 9 at 6:00 pm in the Old Rochester Regional Junior High School Media Room. This seminar is offered through MEFA, the Commonwealth's authority on planning, saving, and paying for college. An experienced MEFA representative will provide an overview of college admissions, including building the college list, the college application process, and trends in college admissions (

Pancake Supper to Benefit ORRJHS Students
February 28 is Shrove Tuesday, the last day before the Lenten season begins and the day when the Mattapoisett Congregational Church (MCC) traditionally hosts its pancake supper. Not only will pancakes be served, but also sausage, special toppings, desserts and drinks. Serving the piping hot pancakes beginning at 5:30 pm will be members of the choir and students from Old Rochester Regional Junior High School (ORRJHS).
Although the MCC has hosted pancake suppers on Shrove Tuesday for many years, this one is particularly special. The Church Council agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds to students from ORRJHS who will soon embark on a school-sponsored trip called "The Holocaust Tour." Approximately 25 kids and chaperones will visit the Netherlands, Germany and Poland as they study the "greatest crimes against humanity" that is part of the English curriculum.
A 'free will' offering will be collected. So mark your calendar. Please come and celebrate Shrove Tuesday with your family and friends in Reynard Hall at the Mattapoisett Congregational Church on February 28. Everyone is welcome.

A Romantic Art Colony: Marion, Massachusetts
Nancy Dyer Mitton will speak on February 23 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Music Hall about her book, A Romantic Art Colony: Marion, Massachusetts. Nancy's book explores the development of Marion as a haven for Romantic artists during the late nineteenth century and the works of art that were produced in the town during the period.
Nancy Dyer Mitton, a painter and Marion resident, has a BFA in painting from The Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, where she also studied American Art History. Born in Longbranch, New Jersey, she moved to Marion with her family in her early youth. She lived in the Old Stone Studio, formerly known as the Gilder Studio, in Marion during the mid-1970s. Her paintings have been in gallery exhibitions in Boston, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, throughout the east coast and at the Museum of Rochefort-en-Terre in Brittany, France, where she was awarded an artist residency by the Maryland Institute of Baltimore in 1995. She is a member of the Artists Fellowship and the National Arts Club in New York City. Her paintings are included in the permanent collections of the National Arts Club in NYC, Readers' Digest in Pleasantville, NY, and Fidelity Company in Boston.

Ceramics Exhibit at Tabor
An exhibition of the current ceramic work of four graduate students from the renowned Program in Artisanry at the University of Massachusetts will be on view in the gallery in the Braitmayer Art Center through February 24. This exhibition of works by artists Renata Cassiano, Lauren Shepherd, Emily Franicola and Christina Baril reveals the interesting range of conceptual and technical approaches contemporary artists take when using the ceramic process. Vessels, sculpture, and installation work come together in this interesting exhibition, providing a view into the expanding world of contemporary ceramic art.
If you have question, you can contact Kevin Arnfield at

Scholarships Available for Tri-Town Seniors
Graduating high school seniors from the Tri-Town area are urged to apply for a several scholarships now available through the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts (CFSEMA).
The following scholarships can be applied for online by clicking the "Apply for a Scholarship" link on the CFSEMA website,, beginning on February 1. Both parts of the application are due on April 1.
The George Earl and Katherine Hartley Church Scholarship Fund provides several scholarships of at least $1,000 annually for tuition assistance to students pursuing an LPN, RN or BSN Nursing Degree while attending a two- or four-year accredited college or university. Applicants must be residents of Acushnet, Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett who are graduating from either Fairhaven, New Bedford, Bishop Stang, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical or Old Rochester Regional high schools or a graduating senior from Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School. The criterion for selection will be weighted 75% on financial need and 25% on academics.
The Charles J. Lewin Interfaith Scholarship Fund was established to provide scholarships to returning students and graduating high school seniors of Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes and Plymouth counties. The Fund provides several scholarships ranging from $700 to $2,000. Scholarships are granted for one year only, although recipients may reapply annually. The criterion for selection will be weighted 50% on financial need, 30% on academics and 20% on personal circumstances. Students with Expected Family Contributions (EFC) above $16,000 are very unlikely to be selected for this scholarship.
The Thomas S. Hathaway Scholarship is awarded to one or two students residing in Acushnet, Dartmouth, Fairhaven, New Bedford, Mattapoisett, Marion, Rochester, Wareham, or Westport, who have been accepted or are currently enrolled at Harvard University. Scholarships are based on financial need and academic excellence.
The Ladies' Branch of the New Bedford Port Society Scholarship provides scholarships for high school seniors and current undergraduates who have one or more of the following: documented family ties to the sea, have received an acceptance letter from a Maritime Academy, or will major in maritime science. First consideration is given to families of descendants of seamen. Applicants must be residents of the Greater New Bedford area, defined as of New Bedford, Dartmouth, Westport, Fairhaven, Acushnet, Mattapoisett, Marion or Rochester. The criterion for selection will be weighted 75% on financial need and 25% on academics.
About the Community Foundation. Since 1995, area residents have been turning to the Community Foundation to make their philanthropic giving as effective as possible. CFSEMA is a public charity serving thousands of people who share a common concern: improving the quality of life in Southeastern Massachusetts.
While the Foundation's primary grantmaking focus is on the SouthCoast communities of Greater New Bedford, Greater Fall River, and Southern Plymouth County, CFSEMA is a regional foundation serving 41 cities and towns. To date, the Community Foundation has distributed more than $25 million in grants and program support from 250 funds to humanitarian, educational and cultural organizations in the region. To learn more about the Foundation, visit

Bourne-Wareham Art Association Awards
The Bourne Wareham Art Association has Art Achievement Award Scholarships available to graduating high school seniors planning to pursue a career in art. Applications are available by contacting your High School Guidance or Art Departments or Betty Beaulieu, awards coordinator, at or 508-763-2724. Applications must be received by April 10, 2017. Applicants will be invited to present their portfolios at the Bourne Wareham Art Association meeting on Saturday, April 29 at the Jonathan Bourne Library, 19 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA.

Scholastic Chess Tournament
After last year's successful event, The Rotary Club of Dartmouth will sponsor the 2nd Annual Scholastic Chess Tournament on Saturday, April 8 from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Dartmouth Middle School, 366 Slocum Street, Dartmouth.
Students can register online by clicking dartmouth-rotary-chess-tournament//. There is a $10 entry fee. Registrations will also be accepted at the door for a slightly higher fee of $15.
This event is open to all area students through Grade 12, and all levels are welcome. Chess Boards/ Pieces will be provided (Players who use a chess clock are encouraged to bring one - not required). Trophies will be awarded to the top three players in each section.

League of Women Voters Blue Book
A new edition of The Blue Book is in the works. The 2017-18 phone directory, to be published by the Tri-Town League of Women Voters, will be mailed free of charge to every postal patron in Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester in early July. The book contains the names, addresses and phone numbers of each town's residents and businesses as well as advertisements by area businesses and professionals for their products and services. An online version of the book contains the residential listings and the classified business listings, and can be found at
The only printed residential phone book in this area, The Blue Book is highly popular, providing an important communication tool for the three towns. To make the book as accurate as possible, residents can submit additions, deletions and corrections to their listings by email at or by postal mail to LWV-MMR, P.O. Box 812, Marion, MA 02738. Advertising information can be requested using the same addresses.
The League is proud of this community service and appreciates the support of the advertisers who help to make this book possible.

Rochester Girls Softball
Rochester Girls Softball is open to Rochester, Marion, and Mattapoisett. Open Registration for grades 3-8 through March 1. Register online at under "Community Links."

Sewing 101 at the Mattapoisett Library
Have you inherited a sewing machine and want to use it but don't know where to start? Have you always wanted to learn how to sew? Do you want to brush up on your sewing skills to mend or make a garment or household item? Come to the Mattapoisett Free Public Library on Saturday, March 18 from 12:30 - 2:30 pm to learn the basics of using a sewing machine with Barbara Gaspar and Mary Chaplain. The Library will supply the fabric and machines and you will leave with a finished pillow! The number of participants is limited, so be sure to sign up by calling the library at 508-758-4171, signing up at the circulation desk, or emailing The library is located at 7 Barstow Street and is handicapped accessible.

Greater New Bedford Garden Club Scholarship
The Greater New Bedford Garden Club is accepting applications for the $1,500 Rose L. Murphy Scholarship to be awarded to a student enrolled in a full-time college program in 2017-2018. The applicant must be pursuing a degree either in environmental sciences, horticulture, landscape architecture, conservation, or related scientific fields.
Students are required to have been a legal Massachusetts resident for at least one year prior to June 1 of his /her school graduation. You will find application forms and requirements at your local high school or secondary school's guidance office.
You can send applications to Ms. Ellen P. Flynn, Chair of Scholarship for the Greater New Bedford Garden Club, P.O. Box 1312, Mattapoisett, MA 02739. Applications and required paperwork must be received on or before May 1, 2017.

Blanche B. Perry Scholarship
The Mattapoisett Land Trust is seeking applicants for their $1,000 "Blanche B. Perry Scholarship." This award is available to a Mattapoisett resident interested in the field of Environmental Studies, Sciences, Technology or a related field, and is a graduating senior from a secondary school by June 2017. The scholarship is made available through the Edith Glick Shoolman fund, a bequest left to provide support for children in the community. Offering this scholarship is consistent with the mission "of preserving land in order to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations of Mattapoisett residents and visitors."
Along with the application, the following additional information is required:
1. A Personal Statement about career goals as they relate to the mission of the MLT, past and present.
2. A signed Community Service Form documenting a minimum of 20 hours of community service.
3. Professional letter of reference (teacher or guidance counselor).
4. A Character letter of reference from an employer, scout or community leader, and/or neighbor is required.
5. Official school transcript including credits and class rank.
Applicants will be assessed according to academic achievement, personal statement, professional and personal references, community service, and financial need. Preference will be given to individuals who are members of the Mattapoisett Land Trust or whose parents or grandparents are members of the MLT.
Participating School are:
1. ORRHS, Marion Road, Mattapoisett 02739.
2. Bishop Stang High School, 500 Slocum Road, N. Dartmouth 02747.
3. OCRVT High School, 476 North Avenue, Rochester 02770.
4. Tabor Academy, Front Street, Marion 02738.
The deadline for submitting the forms will be April 30, 2017.

February Programs at Plumb Library
Children in grades K and up are invited to Read to Amos the greyhound. Amos and his handler, Ms. Holly, are a new part of a Children Reading to Dogs program called "Tail-Waggin' Tutors." Amos, a 7-year-old greyhound, is a good listener, and children can make a five-minute appointment to read to him. The remaining date and time for February is Saturday, February 25, from 10:30 - 11:00 am. Grades 3 and up ONLY; 6 children maximum.
Registration can be done through the Plumb Library's Event Calendar at, and is required for this program. Space is very limited.
Join us on Thursday, February 23 from 4:30 - 5:30 pm at the Plumb Memorial Library, 17 Constitution Way, Rochester, for Part 2 of "Learn About Instruments." This time, Mrs. Williamson of RMS will be bringing percussion instruments with her, such as drums, cymbals, rhythm sticks, and more! A percussion professional will also be attending to answer questions and demonstrate the instruments. This is definitely a "hands-on" program, as all participants will be given a chance to hold and play the instruments.
Please register on the Events Calendar found on our webpage so that we know how many children to expect.
Does your child want to try ballet? Register on the Plumb Library Events Calendar found on our webpage for a free 45-minute beginning ballet class with PlumbBridget or PlumbElla. Both girls are Junior Friends. PlumbBridget studies at Dancemakers and PlumbElla is a student at Attitude Dance of Freetown. They will instruct children on the basics of ballet. Space is limited, so registration is required. Wear comfy clothes. Two dates are available:
- Friday, February 24, 10:30 - 11:15 am; PlumbBridget for ages 2.5-4; 10 spaces available.
- Saturday, February 25, 1:00 - 1:45 pm; PlumbElla for Gr. K-2; 10 spaces available.
The Cafe Parlez' selection for February 2017 is The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender. One the eve of her ninth birthday, Rose Edelstein bites into her mother's homemade lemon cake and discovers that she has a magical gift: she can taste her mother's emotions in the slice. Suddenly, food becomes a peril and a threat to Rose. Anything can be revealed at any meal, even a cookie from a local bakery. Rose's gift forces her to confront the secret knowledge all families keep hidden. We will discuss this book on Thursday, February 23 at 6:30 pm. Books are available at the desk.

ETL's Monthly Lego Club
The Elizabeth Taber Library's Monthly Lego Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Don't miss it on Tuesday, February 28 at 3:00 pm for children ages 8 and up. Come have some fun and challenge yourself. Registration is required. To register, please call the library at 508-748-1252 or email Mrs. Grey at We also welcome any donations of clean, gently used Lego pieces and Lego boards.

Police Warn of Phone Scam
The Rochester Police Department has received information that town residents are receiving calls from a company claiming to be "Legal Support Services." This is a fictitious company being used as the front for a phone scam. The victims are being told by the company that they will be at the address within 48 hours serving papers with a uniformed officer and to put away any dogs on the property.
Victims are asked for personal information and or financial information. Do not provide any information to these calling parties. One of the phone numbers being used by this scam which may appear on caller ID is 866-353-1944. If you are contacted by these people, please report it to the police.

Funds Available for Tri-Town Sports
The Brad Barrows Youth Athletic Scholarship Fund has had another successful year. There are funds available for the local athletic youth of the Tri-Town area. This includes Mattapoisett, Marion, and Rochester.
The funds are to be used for several causes, such as scholarships, participation fees, and other ways to help the athletic teams.
To apply for funding, have your Representative or Organization contact the Recreational Department in your town. They will in turn contact this Committee. This will be based on individual needs as recommended by the Rec Department. It will be first come, first serve. There is a limited amount of funds available. Upon acceptance, disbursement will be made out to the appropriate organizations for the individual.
Contacts numbers for the Tri-Town Recreation Departments are:
- Mattapoisett, 508-748-4100 ext. 227, Greta Fox
- Marion, 774-217-8355, Jody Dickerson
- Rochester, 508-763-2378, cell 774-201-1577, David Hughes

Boating Safety Course Offered
The Marion Harbormaster's Office will host the Boating Safety Course at the Marion Police Station Conference room again this year. You will need to attend two Saturday classes consecutively. The first offering is May 13 and 20. The second offering is June 3 and 10. The class size is limited to 25, so sign up early. Please contact Marion Harbormaster's Office to sign up at 508-748-3535. A brief description of the course is as follows:
Boat Massachusetts is a state and nationally approved boating safety course that concentrates on the equipment and operating guidelines needed to enjoy boating in a safe and responsible way.
All graduates in the 12- through 15-year-old age group will be issued a safety certificate allowing them to operate a motorboat without adult supervision, as required by state law. The same is true for 16- and 17-year-old youth who wish to operate a personal watercraft (jet ski, wave runner, etc.)
All classes are free of charge. Classes are for adults and youth 12 years of age and older. Family participation is encouraged and has proven to be very rewarding. Hope to see you there.

Loft School of Marion
The Loft School is now accepting applications for 2017-2018 preschool and pre-K enrollment. If you are interested, please contact The Loft School at 508-748-1243 or

Marion Community Preservation Funding
Applications for Community Preservation Act funding are now available in the Marion Town House located at 2 Spring Street, Marion, MA 02738. The Community Preservation Act is a Massachusetts Law that allows participating cities and towns to adopt a real estate tax surcharge, supplemented by State matching funds, in order to fund community preservation. Eligible projects must be directed towards open space/recreation, historic preservation, or community housing. Applications must be received no later than February 24, 2017 to be considered for presentation at the May 8, 2017 Annual Town Meeting.
Some recent examples of projects supported by Community Preservation funds include:
- Financing the design, construction and equipping of the Marion Town House.
- Designing an accessible boardwalk and viewing platform at Osprey Marsh.
- Securing nine affordable housing units having affordable housing deed restrictions for ninety-nine (99) years.
- Replacing fencing at the Point Road Playground and Washburn Park.
- Preserving the Marion Music Hall.
- Installing playground equipment at Washburn Park and the Point Road playground.
- Rebuilding the viewing platform in Pierson Woods.
- Replacement of windows at the Sippican Woman's Club.
- Restoration of the steeple at the Marion Art Center.
- Replacement and restoration of historic windows at the Pythagorean Hall.
- Purchase of an interest in land, the primary purpose being the protection of the public drinking water supply.

MNHM After-School Programs
The Marion Natural History Museum will host the following after-school programs:
March 8: Collections. Do you have a collection? Natural History collections started with individual home collections that were shared with others. Bring in your nature collections, such as shells, rocks, feathers, minerals etc. (no Pokemon collections, please) to share with others. We will give you a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum's collections and talk about labelling and creating a collection box to display your collection.
March 29: Very basic computer mapping. Looking for something else to do with your computer besides playing a game? Let's explore one of the free programs provided by the state to help explore and create a map of your town.
April 12: Herring of Southeast Massachusetts. River herring play an important role in the culture, ecology, and economies of coastal towns in Massachusetts. Because river herring are so important, many citizens dedicate a great deal of their time to protecting the rivers and ponds these fish spawn in. Rochester Herring Inspector David Watling will be coming in to share with us a little background on this important local fish species.
May 3: Our annual trip to Bird Island with the Marion Harbormaster. We will talk about some of the changes being made to the Island to give the birds more nesting area. Warning: This program fills fast, so please get your registrations in as soon as possible!
May 17: All about Worms! What's the difference between a nightcrawler and an earthworm? These important little animals are vital to the health of our soil, and they're fun to watch! Come join Jim and Madeleine Porter - worm enthusiasts - and explore the world of these creepy crawlies.
All programs are $6 for members or $8 for nonmembers. To register, go to the museum's website:

Friends of Marion Visiting Nurses Scholarship
Interested in pursuing a career in Nursing? The Friends of Marion Visiting Nurses is a Marion nonprofit organization that awards annual scholarships to local high school seniors who desire to work toward a degree in the field of nursing. Recipients must be residents of Marion, Mattapoisett, or Rochester, and are chosen on the basis of academic ability, community service, and financial need. The application and its accompanying materials are due by May 1, 2017, and the award recipients will be notified shortly thereafter. To receive the Friends of Marion Visiting Nurses Scholarship Application, please email your request to and an application will be sent to you.

Opiate Awareness Series
A four-part Opiate Awareness Series is being offered by St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church and Healthy Tri-Town Coalition. The epidemic of opiate abuse, addiction and overdose deaths rising across the country increasingly impacts our families and loved ones in the Tri-Town area. The remaining three sessions of this four-part community awareness series, co-sponsored by St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church and the Healthy Tri-Town Coalition, are as follows:
February Book Discussion: Sunday, February 26, 7:00 pm at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Marion.
We will hold a book-study discussion of the highly-acclaimed best-seller Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic by Sam Quinones. An investigative journalist, Quinones weaves together two riveting tales of how the opiate epidemic spread across the United States, in which aggressive marketing of pain killers by pharmaceutical companies combined with a changed approach from the poppy-growing region of northwest Mexico, and led to a catastrophic national crisis. This is a must-read in understanding the current opioid epidemic. Refreshments will be provided. Copies of Dreamland are available for purchase at St Gabriel's. Call 508-748-1507 for information.
March Movie and Discussion: Sunday, March 26, 6:00 pm at St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, Marion.
There will be a community showing of the powerful 2016 documentary Chasing the Dragon produced by the FBI. The film features interviews with people who either abused opiates or had family members who did so, describing how they began using them, how they became addicted, and how they went to extraordinary lengths to feed and pay for their addiction. Family members describe the impact on their lives. The 45-minute film also includes interviews with medical and law enforcement professionals, detailing the effects of addiction and the unique aspects of the opiate epidemic in the United States. Note: This film contains some profanity and disturbing material. Recommended for high school and above.
April Presentation: Thursday, April 27, 7:00 pm at Old Rochester Regional High School, Mattapoisett.
Addiction expert Dr. Ruth Potee teaches that, just like diabetes, addiction is a disease, plain and simple, and should be treated as such. "Addiction is caused by broken dopamine receptors or other parts of the brain's internal pleasure center; the days of thinking of this as a moral weakness or a failing or bad parenting or bad genetics - we've got to move past that." Dr. Potee, one of the state's foremost experts in the physiology of addiction, will speak at ORRHS to spark a community dialogue on addiction and to help residents understand who is at risk, how to prevent, and how to treat addiction. This free talk will be followed by refreshments and discussion with Dr. Potee and local public health professionals.
All events are free and open to the public. Visit or for more information. St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church is located at 124 Front Street, Marion (Tel: 508-748-1507). Parking is available.

Safe Storage and Disposal of Medications and Syringes
Many local police departments offer 24/7 prescription medication drop-boxes for the safe disposal of unused or expired medications. Medications that can be disposed of in the drop-boxes include prescription ointments, prescription medications, medication patches, and samples, as well as over the counter medications, vitamins and pet medications. Lotions, liquids, and non-prescription ointments are not permitted. For your privacy, please remember to remove all personal identification before placing items in the drop-box. In Mattapoisett, the medication drop-box is in the lobby of the Police Station, located at 64 County Road (Route 6).
For the safe disposal of needles and syringes, sharps containers are available free of charge from the Mattapoisett Police Station and the Public Health Nurse's office. Used sharps containers may be returned to the Public Health Nurse's office for safe and proper disposal of these items.
The safe and proper storage and disposal of all medications, needles, and syringes helps to prevent accidents or misuse. These items should always be stored in a secure location, out of sight and out of reach of children. To assist you with safe storage in the home, lock-boxes can be purchased at your local pharmacy or retail store such as CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid.
For more information, please contact the Mattapoisett Police Department at 508-758-4141 (Non-Emergency), or the Public Health Nurse at 508-758-4118.
Thank you for your help in protecting our community by safely storing and disposing of your medications, needles, and syringes.

Project GROW
Project GROW is now accepting applications for 2017-2018 preschool enrollment in Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester schools. If you are interested, please contact the Early Childhood Office at 508-758-1863 or email

Mattapoisett Lions Club Award
The Mattapoisett Lions Club, a member of Lions International consisting of 45,000 clubs and more than 1.3 million members worldwide making this the world's largest service club organization, is pleased to announce two (2) $2,500 scholarships to be awarded this year to a graduating high school or homeschooled student residing in Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester.
The funds for this Award are raised through fundraisers held by the Mattapoisett Lions Club throughout the year, including Harbor Days, an annual Arts and Craft Festival held in Shipyard Park every third weekend of July and attended by up to 10,000 people.
The Lions Club motto is "We Serve," and one of the largest charitable causes of Lions International includes raising funds for eye research in an effort to end preventable blindness throughout the world and providing services for those in need in our community.
To qualify, a graduating student or homeschooled student shall be enrolled in their first year of a recognized school of higher education, must be a resident of the Tri-Town area, and have demonstrated service to the community.
To obtain an application, learn more about this award, or to learn how to become a member of the Lions Club, visit our website: Award applications are available through the guidance department at your high school. Applications must be received by March 25.

Calling All Photographers
The Mattapoisett Historical Commission is creating a Visitors' Guide. The guide will be filled with information both historic and current, things to do, points of interest, and other details important to a day-tripper or long-term vacationer who wants to find what makes Mattapoisett "special."
But we need your help. The front and back covers of this nifty pamphlet require great pictures of Ned's Point Lighthouse and Shipyard Park/wharf/harbor. Some images for interior pages may also be needed. If you have pictures you'd like to share with a wider audience and are willing to donate the images to the Town of Mattapoisett/Historic Commission, please send your entries to Please include your full contact information and details about the photographs such as season, time of day, etc. Spring, fall or summer scenes preferred. Photographers will receive authorship credit. Monetary compensation or prizes are not being offered. All photography should be submitted no later than March 1, 2017. Winners will be notified by April 10.

CHESS for Beginners and Intermediate
Start the new year in the right mindset! Stay sharp, optimize memory improvement, spark your creativity, learn strategy and improve planning and foresight, and exercise both sides of your brain - all by learning and playing Chess, the best sport to exercise the most important organ in our bodies. Your lifelong mental health can certainly benefit from it.
All adults are welcome to learn the game that has stood the test of time. Jim Kegle teaches with enthusiasm and you'll benefit whether you've ever played a little or never. It's always a good time to start new things.
CHESS for beginners and intermediates meets every Tuesday from 4:00 to 5:00 pm at 17 Barstow Street, Mattapoisett (enter near COA sign).
Please call 508-758-4110 for any questions.

Mattapoisett COA Happenings
Everyone is welcome to participate in activities and services at the Mattapoisett Council on Aging, 17 Barstow Street. Most activities are "drop in." For any questions and/or to register for trips and special events, call 508-758-4110 or email to:
Mondays: 8:45 am - Tai Chi (free); 10:00 am - Qi Gong meditative healing (free); 10:00 am - Knitting; 12:00 pm - Strength & Balance (free); 1:00 pm - Scrabble; Foot Care - once a month by appointment.
Tuesdays: 8:45 am - Sport Yoga ($3); 10:00 am - Dance Fit ($4); 10:00 am - Legal Consulting (2nd Tues. of month, free 15 min, by app't); 11:00 am - Walking Group; 12:00 pm - Movie & Pizza (last Tues. of month); 12:30 pm - Art History (once every other month, free); 1:00 pm - Water Color Painting (free); 4:00 pm - CHESS (free).
Wednesdays: 9:30 am - Dance Fit (free); 10:00 am - Men's Group (2nd Wed. of month at Public Library); 10:45 am - Meditation; 11:00 am - Book Club (3rd Wed. of month); 12:00 pm - Strength & Balance (free); 1:00 pm - Bingo; 1:15 pm - Mah Jongg.
Thursdays: Various Trips (call for details); 1:00 pm - Country Line Dance.
Fridays: 8:45 am - Sport Yoga ($3); 9:00 am - Computer Tutor (free, by appointment); 10:00 am - Rx Qi Gong ($6.50); 11:15 am - Chair Yoga ($3); 1:00 pm - Line Dancing (donation).

Mattapoisett Library News
LEGOs Abound: Each Saturday at 1:00 pm, the LEGO table and thousands of LEGOs are available for play and design. Stop in and meet the weekly challenge! Photos will be taken of everyone's creation. For youth of all ages.
Books for Everyone! Dozens of new fiction, non-fiction, and audiobooks are available in the reading room. Stop by and browse the many well-reviewed titles that represent all genres. Ask the library staff for a reading suggestion or log onto the library's website,, and use Novelist to search for your next great read. The library staff is happy to demonstrate this great reader's advisory tool.
New Scrapbooking Group to Meet Monthly: Bring your photos, papers, tools, and ideas to a new group Scrapbook Crop! The group will meet the first Friday of every month at 10:30 am in the library meeting room. Ideas for designs will be shared over coffee and tea. All skill levels are welcome.
Tech Help: Get a new tablet, smart phone or e-reader as a gift? Work with librarian Elizabeth Sherry to learn how to use it efficiently. Download free books from the library to enjoy any time, any place. For an appointment, call 508-758-4171.

Church Ride Program
Do you miss going to church on Sunday because you are unable to get there? Do you want to go to church but don't want to go alone? The First Congregational Church of Marion is initiating a church ride program for its Sunday service.
A group of volunteers would like to pick you up on Sunday for the church service and take you home afterwards. The worship service begins at 10:00 am and a fellowship time follows the service. The church has an elevator and is handicap accessible.
This is a new program, and all you need to do is call the church office at 508-748-1053 by noon on Friday to arrange for a ride on Sunday. Also, let the office know whether you have any mobility aids such as a walker or wheelchair so that the appropriate vehicle can transport you. We have a team of six drivers who would love to bring you to church. More drivers will be arranged if needed.
We will gladly arrange for this transportation for one week or for every week. Please do not hesitate to call the church office to ask for transportation. Our drivers are happy to transport you.
We are excited about this new program and look forward to seeing you in church.

Red Cross Volunteers Needed
There are many ways our Red Cross volunteers are involved and give back to the community. They help canteen for our brave first responders, keep you hydrated during a local road race or even a Cape Cod Baseball League game on a hot summer day. We have blood service volunteers that help us fill this critical life-saving need for blood. There are opportunities to volunteer to Service to our Armed Forces, Youth Services and Health and Safety Preparedness, Communication volunteers, Administrative Support - there are so many ways to serve. Our Disaster Action Team (DAT) members help those in crisis: when disaster strikes, the Red Cross is always there. These wonderful volunteers are not only here for our local communities but for those in other areas of the country and the globe that need assistance - everything from flooding, fires, natural disasters, and more. We are looking for all these types of volunteers, people just like you and me who want to help. Don't worry, we provide training and you will be ready and confident in your skills to serve in the best capacity. We can't wait until you join our Team.
And it's so easy. Simply go on-line to and click on VOLUNTEER to sign up today for our local Cape, Islands & Southeast Mass Chapter. We serve Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Plymouth and Bristol Counties in Southeast Mass.
Once you volunteer, you become part of an honorable tradition you can be proud of. Sign up today.

Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance
Depression, Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) support group meets every first and third Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Southeast Medical Building located at 100 Rosebrook Way, Wareham. For more information, call John at 508-971-0018.

FISH - Friends In Service Helping
Friends In Service Helping has been in operation in Mattapoisett since 1969. We provide rides to medical appointments for elderly residents who cannot drive anymore. We service Mattapoisett residents with transportation from their homes to Wareham, Marion, Fairhaven, New Bedford, and Dartmouth, as well as right here in Mattapoisett. Last year alone, we transported 409 residents.
Our town does not have public transportation. Our elderly residents are counting on FISH to get them to their medical appointments. We need more volunteer callers and drivers. We always work around your schedule when it is convenient for you! To find out more about your opportunity to be a FISH volunteer, please call FISH Coordinator Jacquie McGraw at 508-758-9278.

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