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Keel Awards
The Wanderer is pleased to announce that we are soliciting nominations for our 24th annual "Wanderer Keel Awards." The yearly community service honor - which is presented to one Tri-Town resident from each of the three central towns in our circulation area - will be announced in our July 27 edition, and each winner will be the subject of a short feature highlighting their contributions to the local community. But The Wanderer needs your help in selecting these "unsung heroes."
The requirements are simple. Nominees must be legal residents for at least five years of Mattapoisett, Marion, or Rochester, and must have contributed in some way to the overall benefit of the community - either directly to town residents, or indirectly through efforts in promoting town activities, or working to keep the wheels of local government well oiled. The only restriction is that these persons cannot benefit from their efforts in any other way - either financially or politically (hence, sitting elected officials are not eligible).
In doing this, we hope to applaud those who are rarely recognized for their countless hours of service and focus on the many people behind the scenes who remain otherwise anonymous, but provide crucial support to many town functions.
Like the keel of a ship that keeps the vessel from capsizing, the recipients of the Annual Wanderer Keel Award will be recognized for their stalwart efforts in keeping the community on an "even keel."
Past recipients of this honor include:
- MATTAPOISETT: Maurice "Mudgie" Tavares (1994); Priscilla Alden Hathaway (1995); Norma Holt (1996); Gale Hudson (1997); Kenneth Stickney (1998); Clara Morgan (1999); Betty and Bert Theriault (2000); John N. "Jack" DeCosta (2001); Jo Pannell (2002); Stan Ellis (2003); Evelyn Pursley (2004); Luice Moncevitch (2005); Seth Mendell (2006); Bradford A. Hathaway (2007); Kim Field (2008), David Spencer Jenny (2009), Stephen L. Kelleher (2010), Bento Martin (2011), Howard C. Tinkham (2012), Ellen Flynn (2013), Jennifer Shepley (2014), Ruth Bates (2015, posthumously), Debbi Dyson and Julie Craig (2016).
- MARION: Claire Russell (1994); Ralph and Phyllis Washburn (1995); Annie Giberti (1996); Jay Crowley (1997); Tyler Blethen (1998); Olive E. Harris (1999, posthumously); Kathleen P. "Kay" Reis (2000); Loretta B. "Lori" Schaefer (2001); Ann and Warren Washburn (2002); Andrew Santos Sr. (2003); Eunice Manduca (2004); Annie Giberti (2005); A. Lee Hayes (2006); Horace "Hod" Kenney (2007); Margie Baldwin (2008), Jack Beck (2009), Dr. John Russell (2010), Jane McCarthy (2011), Nancy Braitmeyer (2012), Rodney Hunt (2013), Hanna Milhench (2014), Robbi Dunn-Tracy (2015), Joanne Mahoney (2016).
- ROCHESTER: Joseph McCarthy (1994); Jean Fennell (1995); Katherine Hartley Church (1996); Chris Byron (1997); Albert Alderson (1998); Arthur and Aline Lionberger (1999); Kenneth E. Daggett (2000); Georgia D. Chamberlain (2001); Mary P. Wynne (2002); Evelyn F. Benner (2003); Mike Meunier Sr. (2004); Arthur F. Benner (2005); Pamela J. Robinson (2006); Anna E. White (2007); John E. Lafreniere (2008), Cathy Mendoza (2009), Kate Tarleton (2010), John Cobb (2011), Thomas Goyoski Jr. (2012), Kevin Woodward (2013), Kate Lanagan MacGregor (2014), Gordon Helme (2015), Doreen DeCosta (2016).
Please send the name, address and telephone number of recommended nominees, along with a brief description of their key contributions to the community and why you feel they are deserving of this honor to: Keel Award, The Wanderer, P.O. Box 102, Mattapoisett, MA 02739, or e-mail your submissions to
The deadline for nominations is Thursday, July 20 by 3:00 pm. Selected recipients will be announced in the July 27 edition.

News Submission Policy
The Wanderer gladly accepts any and all news and press release items from local nonprofit organizations for publication on a weekly basis. The deadline for submission of news items is Monday at 12:00 noon for publication in that week's edition. Due to the increasing number of submissions, however, publication of press material is never guaranteed. The Wanderer will make every effort to publish timely news items and announcements as the subject warrants and as often as spacing allows. All press material must be submitted by email to, and must be either in a text or Word file. We are not able to retype, correct, or hunt down information to repair incomplete press releases, and we are not able to retype or reformat posters or bulleted lists that are not in readable paragraph form. We cannot accept any handwritten material or news items via telephone, no matter how brief.
Photographs of area events and newsmakers are also accepted and encouraged. The Wanderer accepts well-lit and clearly-defined photographs for publication provided that they include a brief summary of the event or subject. We cannot return photographs. Like news items, the deadline for photos is Monday at 12:00 pm, and the publication of photographs is also subject to spacing constraints and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
All submitted copy is subject to alterations and/or condensation as space allows at the editor's discretion. All submissions become the property of The Wanderer and are assumed to be submitted for the purpose of publication. Submissions cannot be returned; therefore, please make sure to retain copies submitting anything for consideration.
Ideas for features, breaking news tips, and other suggestions for the news department are welcome. Please call the News Editor with news tips and ideas at 508-758-9055. If it is after hours, please leave a message or email

The Wanderer Seeks Professional Photographer
The Wanderer is looking for a professional photographer with demonstrated talent to cover local events within the Tri-Town part-time. The right candidate will have experience photographing social events, know how to use a camera in all environments and conditions, and own their own equipment. Weekend availability is a must. Video experience is a plus! Compensation is based on experience. If interested in joining The Wanderer team, please email a resume, cover letter, and work samples to Jean Perry, news editor, at

Letters to the Editor
The views expressed in the "Letters to the Editor" column are not necessarily those of The Wanderer, its staff or advertisers. The Wanderer will gladly accept any and all correspondence relating to timely and pertinent issues in the great Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester area, provided they include the author's name, address and phone number for verification. We cannot publish anonymous, unsigned or unconfirmed submissions. The Wanderer reserves the right to edit, condense and otherwise alter submissions for purposes of clarity and/or spacing considerations. The Wanderer may choose to not run letters that thank businesses, and The Wanderer has the right to edit letters to omit business names. The Wanderer also reserves the right to deny publication of any submitted correspondence.

Dear Editor:
This week, the fifth-grade students from Old Hammondtown School experienced why Mattapoisett is such a special place to live. On Wednesday, at our annual outdoor Flag Day ceremony, we honored our country and veterans with patriotic songs, poems and a mural. At one point, an ABC sanitation truck pulled up and George, the driver, respectfully turned off his vehicle and waited for fifteen minutes before continuing his rounds so as not to drown out the celebration. There are not many other places in this country where that would happen.
We spent the rest of the day visiting the Mattapoisett Free Public Library, the Mattapoisett Historical Museum, the Center School clock tower and the Mattapoisett Town Hall. We would like to thank Jeanne McCullough, Ray Andrews, Jennifer McIntire, Jeffrey Miller, Jordan Collyer, Catherine Heuberger, Michael Gagne, Mel Pacheco and countless other community members for making our day full of fun and learning.
Wherever we went, the police helped us cross streets, construction stopped and the adults emphasized that our town belongs to its citizens. We experienced a connection to our community and we were so grateful for the opportunity. The children are the future of Mattapoisett and we would like to thank you all for the inspiration you have given them.
Mattapoisett is special.
Rachel Arruda, Stacy Barrows, Amy Casi and Kristen Sunde
Grade 5, OHS

To the Editor:
The Rochester Women's Club would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who donated items to our yard sale that was held last week.
Without all of these donations, we would not be able to hold this event which has become our biggest fund raiser of the year.
All the funds collected go toward the Raymond C. Hartley Scholarship which currently awards three graduating seniors from Rochester with $750 each toward their education.
We would also like to extend a special Thank You to all of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who donated their time to help us set up very early Saturday morning.
We couldn't have done it without you.
Wendy Carreau
The Rochester Women's Club

Coastline Elderly Nutrition Program
Monday, June 26: Beef chili, sour cream, rice, corn bread, mandarin oranges
Tuesday, June 27: Beef bordelaise, mashed potatoes, Scandinavian blend, whole wheat bread, mixed fruit
Wednesday, June 28: Swedish meatballs, egg noodles, peas & carrots, oatmeal roll, low sugar chocolate cream pie
Thursday, June 29: Grilled chicken parmesan, pasta with sauce, broccoli florets, multigrain roll, apricots
Friday, June 30: Seafood casserole with scallops, Florentine rice, green & wax beans, dinner roll, fruit cup

Academic Achievements
Hannah Sullivan of Rochester has been named to the University of Delaware's Dean's List for the spring 2017 semester.
To meet eligibility requirements for the Dean's List, a student must be enrolled full-time and earn a GPA of 3.33 or above (on a 4.0 scale) for the semester.
The following Tri-Town Framingham State University students graduated this academic year:
- Amanda Bergquist of Marion received a Bachelor of Arts degree.
- Erika Boulay of Rochester received a Bachelor of Science degree.
- Jami Durocher of Rochester received a Bachelor of Science in Education degree.
Andrew S. Hughes of Mattapoisett has made the dean's list at Wentworth Institute of Technology for the spring 2017 term.
The following Tri-Town students have been named to the spring 2017 Dean's List at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. Full-time students who complete 12 or more credits per semester and earn a GPA of 3.4 or higher are placed on the Dean's List that semester.
- Catherine Ball of Mattapoisett
- Courtney Halnen of Marion
- Kristen Knight of Marion
- Mya Lunn of Marion
- Caroline McCarthy of Marion

Exotic Birds of Peru
The Mattapoisett Library will hold an Exotic Birds of Peru Slide Show on Tuesday, June 27 at 6:30 pm. Skip Bedser will present the slide show from his spring trip to Peru. Guides well known in birding professionally choreographed the tour. Come join us for an adventurous evening of the true birds of paradise from a country that has more than 1800 species of exotic birds.
The Mattapoisett Library is located on 7 Barstow Street and is accessible through the side entrance. Come early because parking is limited due to construction. Refreshments will be served.

Elizabeth Taber Library
Annual Meeting: The Marion Library's Board of Trustees welcomes all to attend our Annual Meeting on Monday, June 26, 6:30 pm at the Elizabeth Taber Library. Libby O'Neill, the Library Director, will give a brief overview of the library's services and programs and then highlight some of our accomplishments over the past year. During this meeting, you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions and provide suggestions for services in the future. For more information, please call the Elizabeth Taber Library at 508-748-1252.
Outside Yoga: Please bring your yoga mat and join us outside of the library for a free yoga workout with Kathy Bliss. This yoga series will run for four Wednesdays at 10:00 am: June 28-July 19. If it rains, yoga will be relocated to the Marion Music Hall. To register, please call the library at 508-748-1252.
Summer Reading Program, "Build a Better World," Kick-off Event: See the show that audiences are calling "Superb," "A blast," and "Heartwarming fun for the whole family." Join magician and juggler Scott Jameson on Friday, June 23 at 2:00 pm at the Music Hall for an extraordinary performance that will have you laughing out loud and perched on the very edge of your seat. Umbrellas will be plucked from thin air, a drawing will come to life, basketballs will be spun and juggled, and a member of the audience will unlock telekinetic abilities. For more information, visit Scott's website at, or contact Rosemary Grey at 508-748-1252 or This event is free. Don't miss it.
This program is supported by a grant from the Marion Cultural Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

133rd Summer Season at St. Philip's
St. Philip's Episcopal Church, next to the Town Beach in Mattapoisett, continues their long tradition of visiting clergy from Massachusetts and beyond.
Services using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer are conducted at 8:00 am and 10:00 am each Sunday through Labor Day weekend.
The Reverend Alan B. Warren, Rector of The Church of the Advent, Boston, MA will officiate the services on Sunday, June 25.
Come visit our historic chapel by the sea in Mattapoisett. All are welcome.

Birds of Prey
The Marion Natural History Museum will be hosting a Birds of Prey program to be given by Blue Hills/Mass. Audubon on Friday, July 7, 7:00 - 8:00 pm. Find out why hawks, owls, eagles, and falcons are considered birds of prey, and discover their diversity while meeting live birds of prey native to Massachusetts. We'll share some tips to help you see these birds more often where you live. There are many more out there than you might think. This program is supported in part by a grant from the Marion Cultural Council, a local agency that is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. Cost is $10/members, $12 nonmembers, $5 for children under 12. Event to be held at the Marion Natural History Museum, 8 Spring Street, Marion, MA. For more information, please go to

The Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt
Sippican Historical Society Speakers' Series presents "The Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt" on Thursday, June 22 at 7:00 pm at the Marion Music Hall.
Historian Michael P. Dyer will speak on June 22 about his upcoming book, The Art of the Yankee Whale Hunt. The talk will focus on whalemen's perceptions of the hunt as recorded pictorially in their manuscript logbooks, journals, and certain types of scrimshaw. Specifically, Dyer will emphasize the underpinnings and context of the maritime culture that enabled the art form to flourish in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Why were certain types of maritime documents illustrated? Why were geographical illustrations so common? Why were ship portraits so common? Why did whalemen paint and draw pictures of whaling? How are these different types of illustrations similar and where do they diverge? How did that tradition develop, evolve, and, by the end of the nineteenth century, eventually pass away completely?

Marion Art Center's Outdoor Summer Art Festival
On Saturday, July 8, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, the Marion Art Center will host its 11th Annual Arts in the Park at Bicentennial Park, located at the corner of Main Street and Spring Street in Marion. Admission to the festival is free and street parking is available.
More than forty artisans from a broad array of mediums will display their works in tents throughout the Park. Arts in the Park is a juried show and sale featuring local artists and artisans offering unique and one of a kind, jewelry, glass, paintings and prints, baskets, ceramics, textiles, collage, photography, turned, carved and painted wood and more. There will be live entertainment by Yesterday's Country Band, and the New Bedford Museum of Art's ArtMobile will be on hand to provide art projects for kids from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. An exciting feature of this year's festival will be the presence of OxCart from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm, serving many of Oxford Creamery's most popular items, including lobster rolls, hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled cheese, French fries and ice cream.
There will be a raffle of art work that has been donated by the artist exhibitors. Raffle tickets will be for sale and can be purchased throughout the day. The proceeds of the raffle will benefit the operation and maintenance of the Marion Art Center.
Arts In The Park 2017 Exhibitors include: Ceramics by Chrissy Feiteira, Judi Goudreau, Tess Morgan, Nancy Rolli and Karen Zaharee; Fiber creations by Karen Donohue, Remmi Franklin, Liz Howland, Heather Kidson, Angelina Singer and Cindy Walsh; Nantucket baskets by William Judd; Fine jewelry by Donna Andrews-Maness, Emily Condon, Donna Driscoll, Lynn Hahn, Julie Kohaya, Trish Kozub, Brenda Morrison and Cesar Palm; Paintings, prints, photographs and collage by Sarah Brown, Barry Cronin, Stephanie DeGeorge, Jane Egan, Joe Goodman, Doug Hockman, Bryan McSweeny, Mary Ross, Donna Secour, Stephanie Stroud, Carol Way Wood and Chazz Wood; Hand-crafted bags and accessories by Barbara Materna and Chikako Mukai; Painted objects and furniture by Sarah Brown; Folk art fish by James Gallagher; Turned wood and hand-crafted furniture and bowls by Peter Lauricella, John Nadeau and Mark Sollauer; Glass creations by Liza Abelson and Rebecca Orella; Hand-crafted soaps and body care by Jennifer Marie Hofmann and assorted artwork by the artisans of Hatch Street Studios.
Marion Art Center's galleries will be open throughout the event, and the latest exhibition of paintings by Sarah Brown and Heide Hallemeier will be for available view and sale. Visitors are invited to come inside and see the current exhibition of art in both galleries, as well as many works by Cecil Clark Davis in our theatre.
For more information, please visit or call 508-748-1266.

Sippican Lands Trust StoryWalk
Starting July 1, the Sippican Lands Trust will offer a StoryWalk at its Hagemann Woods property in Marion. This year's StoryWalk at Hagemann Woods features The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.
StoryWalk is an innovative and delightful way for children and adults to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time. Laminated pages from a children's book are attached to wooden stakes, which are installed along an outdoor path. As you stroll down the trail, you're directed to the next page in the story.
Hagemann Woods is a 23-acre parcel acquired by Sippican Lands Trust in 1998 and features white pines, oaks, red maples and mixed wetlands providing a wide range of wildlife habitat. The parking area for Hagemann Woods is located off of Point Road approximately two miles south of the intersection of Route 6 (Wareham Road) and Point Road in Marion.
StoryWalk at Hagemann Woods will be open from sunrise to sunset from Saturday, July 1 through Tuesday, August 1. Adults and kids of all ages are welcome and for further information about the StoryWalk at Hagemann Woods, go to or call Sippican Lands Trust at 508-748-3080.

Summer Conditioning Program
The athletes' summer conditioning program will be offered to athletes again this summer.
This program focuses on athletes as a whole with emphasis on strength training, endurance and agility for all sports, preparing athletes for their fall sports or for general, overall conditioning.
This coed program will be offered to athletes entering grades 6-12. The cost is $100 and will be held Monday-Thursday, June 26-August 17 from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. The athletes pick which nights work with their summer schedule. We will meet at the Old Rochester track. Training by Cindy and Bill Tilden, Old Rochester head track and field coaches. Email for info.
We will be offering a summer track and field program for athletes entering grades 5-12 held at the Old Rochester Track, Thursday and Friday mornings, 9:00 - 10:30 am, July 6-August 18. The cost for this sport-specific program is $125. It will be coached by Old Rochester head track coaches Bill and Cindy Tilden and Wareham head coach Chris Gardner along with Old Rochester Alumni. Email for info.

Mattapoisett Recreation
Mattapoisett Recreation's Seahorse Summer Explorer Camp Program starts next week. The program will run June 27 through August 11. Seahorse Explorers is a Monday-Friday program run out of Center School. Drop off is 9:00 am - 4:00 pm with early drop off and late pick up available if needed. Each day, campers will have a tennis lesson, swim lesson, do arts and crafts and play games. Each week has a theme that activities are geared around. Many weeks will involve field trips and shows. Mad Science of Southeastern MA will be doing a show and running experiment stations, High Flying Dogs will be performing, and trips to the movies and Buttonwood Park Zoo are also planned. Full day/Full week camp cost is $150, ½ Day/Full Week is $100, 3 Day/Full Day is $125. Visit our website,, to see theme weeks and more information. New this year is a CIT - Counselor in Training two-week session from July 24-August 4 for Ages 12-14. Cost is $275 for two weeks and First Aid training.
Spaces are still available in our one-week specialty clinics:
- Brian Rudolph Competitive Basketball Training Clinic: July 10-14, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm at Old Rochester Regional High School. This program is geared towards competitive level basketball players in Grades 4-8. Cost is $150.
- Shooting Stars Girls Basketball Camp: July 24-28, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm at Old Hammondtown School. Open to girls in Grades 3-6. Run by Julie Letourneau. Cost is $150.
- Nature Explorers Camp: July 24-28, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. Join MATTREC and the Marion Natural History Museum to explore some of Mattapoisett's unique natural areas. Each day will be a different location and activity. Have fun exploring and experimenting with Elizabeth Leidhold. Open to ages 8-11 years old. Cost is $125.
Tennis Lessons will be Wednesdays, 5:00 - 7:00 pm, July 5-August 9, taught by Stevie Lake, Asst. Pro at the Casino. Cost is $80. Spots are still available in the 5-7year age group. Later session for 8-13 years is full.
Summer Golf Clinic held at the Bay Club, Wednesdays, July 12-August 2, 5:00 - 6:00 pm Snag golf for 5-8 year olds, 6:00 - 7:00 pm for 9-12 year olds. This program is run by the Bay Club's PGA professionals and focusses on the fundamentals of golf. Cost is $100.
Youth Swimming Lessons. Group lessons run for three weeks on either Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays. Age groups are Pre-school 11:00 - 11:30 am, Youth Beginner 10:30 - 11:00 am, Youth Intermediate 9:30 - 10:15 am. Cost is $45. Private lessons are also available.
Online registration and more information is available at

MAC Opening Reception
The Marion Art Center is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of an exhibition entitled Coastal Visions x2, featuring artists Sarah Brown and Heide Hallemeier. From Friday, June 30 through Saturday, July 29, both of the Art Center's galleries will be filled with paintings by the South Coast artists. A reception in their honor will be held on Friday, June 30 at the Marion Art Center, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. It is free and open to the public. At 7:00 pm that evening, the two artists will speak briefly about the creative inspiration and process behind their exhibited work.
Artist Sarah Brown, of Marion, has been has been exhibiting at the Marion Art Center since 1968. She studied art at De Pauw University and then went to art and music school in France at Fontainebleau. She has exhibited her paintings in galleries on Cape Cod, in Boston and Chicago. While often recognized for her vibrant watercolors, in recent years Sarah has been working with pastels. Her works reflect the wind, waves and lush gardens of our sea coast and surrounding communities. Using color and line, she expresses the special character of Southeastern Massachusetts. An active instructor, Sarah will be resuming her pastel classes at her Marion studio.
Heide Hallemeier was educated at the Art Academies in Vienna, Austria and Germany as a graphic designer. A resident of South Dartmouth, she is a signature artist member and past board member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society and a past president of the Westport Art Group. Heide has exhibited throughout New England and Pennsylvania and has been accepted into many national shows, winning numerous prizes in juried exhibitions. She also juries and judges art shows across the area, is a painting instructor, and an participates in the South Coast Open Studio Tour.

The Fair Way Golf Tournament
The 2nd Annual Fair Way Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, September 9 at Little Harbor Country Club, 9 Little Harbor Road, Wareham. Shotgun start is at 8:00 am. Entry Fee is $75 per person or $280 per foursome, which includes lunch. Early registration before July 31 is $65 per person or $260 per foursome. All registrations are due by September 2, 2017 by cash or check only. Mail payment to Sue Sleasman, 220 Shore Road, Bourne, MA 02532. Please make checks payable to Church of the Good Shepherd with "The Fair Way Golf" on the memo line. Sponsored by the Church of the Good Shepherd in Wareham, all proceeds benefit the homeless, hungry, and other outreach ministries for people in need of compassion and understanding.

Wareham Post 220 Baseball
The Wareham Post 220 Baseball results for this week were:
Orleans Post 308: 7 vs. Post 220 (2-1): 3 - Post 220 drops their first game of the season to an improved and scrappy baseball team from Orleans. John Breault (Old Rochester), Michael Kennefick (Old Rochester), Danny Renwick (Old Rochester), and Cooper Thornell (Upper Cape/MA Maritime) added base hits, while Tucker Hrasky (Tabor) collected three strikeouts in an inning of work on the mound. Both Will Hopkins (Old Rochester) and Bryant Salkind (Old Rochester/Wheaton) hit a triple and scored a run.
Post 220 (3-1): 5 vs. Barnstable: 4 - In a well-played legion baseball game, Justin Sylvia (Middleboro) allowed only five hits to go along with 5Ks for the win. Bryant Salkind (Old Rochester/Wheaton) came in for relief and added a strikeout for the save. Cooper Thornell (Upper Cape/MA Maritime) led the offensive charge by going 3-for-3 with two doubles and an RBI. Kylar Macoratti (Bourne) had an RBI double, while Cam Bairteau (Wareham) picked up his first American Legion Baseball hit with an RBI single.
Post 220 (4-1): 6 vs. East Bridgewater: 4 - Hunter Parker (Old Rochester/Salve Regina) went 2-for-3 with an RBI and Kylar Macoratti (Bourne) went 2-for-4 with a run scored to help lead the offense. Bryant Salkind (Old Rochester/Wheaton) pitched a tough six innings on the hill and Tom Cummings (Upper Cape) added a key RBI double and scored a run. John Breault (Old Rochester) and Sam Henrie (Old Rochester) each collected a base hit.

ORR Athletic Hall of Fame
The Old Rochester Regional Athletic Hall of Fame (ORRAHOF) 2017 Inductions/ Ceremony weekend kicks off on Saturday, June 24 in the ORRHS cafeteria at their Induction Banquet with a "Meet and Greet" all the Inductee Individuals and Team Inductee at 5:00 pm and an On the Go catered dinner at 6:00 pm.
The Induction ceremony will immediately follow to include in this order these 2017 outstanding athletes to be inducted: Susan Lake "78", Paul Tinkham "81", Tiffany Jawor "93", Josh Mechler "00", Patrick O'Connor "02", Brian Tonelli "03", Stephanie Reusch "07".
This year's "Team Inductee" will be the 1997-98 Massachusetts State Champion ORR Girls Varsity Basketball team. Lastly, the two "Significant Contributor"/"Coach" Inductees will be Ed Walsh and Andy Santos.
Sunday, June 25, concludes our Induction weekend with the ORRAHOF Golf Tournament at the Back Nine Country Club in Lakeville. A 1:00 pm start, please feel free to join us. All information on our Induction Weekend is posted on our Old Rochester Regional Athletic Hall of Fame website: or

Mattapoisett Lions Club's Harbor Days
Get ready for the event that everyone looks forward to each summer - the Mattapoisett Lions Club's Harbor Days Festival at Shipyard Park! Events begin this year on July 9 with the Triathlon at Town Beach and "run" through the week, ending with crafters at Shipyard Park on July 15 and 16. In between, we will have entertainment, activities and delicious food available including strawberry shortcake (beginning July 12), fish fry (July 14), lobster dinner (July 15) and pancake breakfast (July 16). A full listing of events/activities will be published soon.
Be sure to look for the Harbor Days ad book with vendor listings, event listings and more available at local businesses beginning July 1. For more information, visit or email
The Mattapoisett Lions Club will hold a new event this year called "Shopping at Shipyard" that features stay-at-home moms who run businesses from home. This event will take place on Sunday, July 9 after the Triathlon from 2:00 - 4:00 pm at Shipyard Park under the tent. Come out and support your community! For more information, contact

Taste of the Town
"Taste of the Town" sponsored by the Mattapoisett Women's Club will be held on Tuesday, July 11 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm under the big tent at Shipyard Park. Mattapoisett restaurants will offer a sampling of their exceptional dishes from creamy clam chowder to the best crustaceans in the SouthCoast. The Showstoppers Performing Arts troupe will entertain. Bring the family for an evening of fun and relaxation.
A shuttle van will provide transportation from the Ying Dynasty, Saint Anthony's Church and the Town beach parking lots to Shipyard Park from 4:30 to 7:00 pm.
Price is $10 for 20 tickets. The number of tickets varies per food item. Also, our garden group is offering bright, seasonal arrangements of fresh sunflowers, delphinium, and more - all hand-gathered inside a clear glass vase for a donation of $5/arrangement.
"Taste of the Town" is a rain or shine event
All proceeds from sales benefit the greater community and the Mattapoisett Women's Club scholarship fund.

The Garden Groomers Are Back
Do you enjoy sunshine, salt air and harbor views? If so, please join the Mattapoisett Land Trust's Garden Groomers! We meet at Munro Preserve (just west of the Town Wharves) at 8:00 am each Tuesday morning to pull weeds and do light garden maintenance, while enjoying the sunshine and a cup of coffee. Join us on any Tuesday morning, or email us at

An old-fashioned clambake will be held at The Knights of Columbus, 57 Fairhaven Road in Mattapoisett, on Sunday, June 25 at 1:30 pm for $40. For tickets, please call Jim at 508863-3496.

Marion COA Offers New Hampshire Day Trip
The Marion Council on Aging and Fox Tours is proud to present The Lakes Region Summer Theatre's Cats the Musical and Hart's Turkey Farm Luncheon day trip on Thursday, August 10.
Departing at 8:00 am from the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center, 465 Mill Street, Marion, we will travel by motor coach to Meredith, New Hampshire for a full course luncheon (choice of Roast Turkey, Sirloin or Baked Haddock) at Hart's Turkey Farm. Next stop will be the Lakes Region Theatre's production of Cats, an inspiring musical which revolves around a cast of feline characters in their junkyard backyard - a true Broadway classic! Arrival time back in Marion will be approximately 6:30 pm. Cost is $84/per person; registration and payment are due no later than June 30, 2017. Call 508-748-3570 for more information.

Ned's Point Lighthouse Opening
Flotilla 6-3 of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary will open Ned's Point Lighthouse to the public free of charge on Thursday, July 13, Thursday, July 20, and Thursday, July 27 (weather permitting) from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. Children must be at least 10 years old. There are 32 steps and a seven-rung ladder lead up to the lantern room.

Silvershell Beach Encampment
The Fairhaven Village Militia in conjunction with the Marion Cultural Council and Marion Recreation Department will be holding an encampment at Silvershell Beach, 1 Front Street in Marion, on July 8 and 9.
Talk to period-costumed men, women and children from multiple militia groups about life in the 1770s. There will be military drilling, flintlock musket and cooking demonstrations, as well as live animals and a cannon firing. Admission is free to the public.

ORR Class of 1987
The ORR Class of 1987 will hold their 30th Class Reunion on July 8 from 6:30 - 10:30 pm at the Brew Fish, 210 Spring Street, Marion. RSVP with check to Joyce Messier, 56 Totten Road, Attleboro, MA 02703. For questions, email Can't wait to see you all there.

ORR Class of 1977
Calling all classmates. The ORRHS class of 1977 will be celebrating their 40th reunion on Saturday, July 29, at the Reservation Golf Club, 10 Reservation Road, Mattapoisett, from 6:00 pm - midnight. The cost is $40 per person. Any questions or information, please call Lori Gibbs Crawley at 508-364-7610.

School Choice Program
The Old Rochester Regional School District is accepting applications for the school choice program for the 2017-2018 school year. The school currently has 10 slots in Grade 8, four slots in Grade 9 and other slots in Grades 10-12. The program will be managed in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regulations governing School Choice.
Please visit our website at for more information and also the school choice application. The next lottery is scheduled for July 5 at 9:00 am. All applications are due June 30, 2017.
Inquiries regarding the Old Rochester Regional School District School Choice openings should be directed to:
Kevin Brogioli, Principal at ORR Junior High School, 508-758-4928
Michael Devoll, Principal at ORR High School, 508-758-3745
Diana Russo, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, 508-758-2772 ext. 1956

The Great Community Picnic
The Mattapoisett Land Trust and Mattapoisett Historical Society are joining forces once again to host The Great Community Picnic on Thursday, August 3 at 5:30 pm. The event will be at the same beautiful location (Munro Preserve) and we will provide exceptional music (Charlie Phllps, a singer/ songwriter from Brooklyn NY; Grace Morrison, a Wareham singer/songwriter who performed last year; and our "local hero" Dave Dunn & Friends). The Inn on Shipyard Park is donating passed appetizers. A "cash" bar serving beer, wine and local oysters will be available.
Table tickets will be available for purchase at the Mattapoisett Historical Society (5 Church Street, 508-758-2844) and at the Town Wharf General Store (13 Water Street, 508-758-4615). Tables are not officially reserved until payment is received and tickets in hand.
Prices for tables are: Table of 10 = $250, Table of 8 = $200, Table of 6 = $150, Table of 4 = $100. This year, we will also offer pre-event purchase of tickets for beer, wine and oysters, to cut down on time spent waiting in line at the event. Prices will be: Beer = $4, Wine = $5 and oysters $1 a piece, so buy plenty of $1 tickets!
Don't delay! Tables will sell quickly. Purchase yours promptly if you want to attend.

Buzzards Bay Musicfest
Buzzards Bay Musicfest returns for its 21st year with concerts July 12 to 16 at the Fireman Performing Arts Center at Tabor Academy, 235 Front Street in Marion. Nationally and internationally prominent musicians will perform orchestral and chamber music, with selections from Mozart, Wagner, Copland, Morricone, Handel, Beethoven, among others. Orchestral performances will be held Wednesday, July 12 at 8:00 pm and Sunday, July 16 at 2:00 pm. Chamber music performances will be held Thursday, July 13 and Saturday, July 15 at 8:00 pm. Jazz performance by the BBMF Swing Band, under the leadership of Phil Sanborn, will be held Friday, July 14 at 8:00 pm.
An Open Rehearsal for Children (with accompanying adult) will be held on Wednesday, July 12 at 2:30 pm. The rehearsal is a unique occasion for young or aspiring musicians to experience watching and listening as artists perform orchestral pieces in preparation for the acclaimed concert series. After the rehearsal, children will have the opportunity to chat with Guest Conductor Catherine Larsen-McGuire, Artistic Director Charles Stegeman, and the musicians. All performances are free and open to the public.
For more information, visit or email

Showstoppers Dinner Show Fundraiser
The Showstoppers community-service singing troupe will host a Dinner Show Fundraiser on Friday, June 23 at the Senhor da Pedra Club at 81 Tinkham Street in New Bedford. The evening will feature a catered buffet, live entertainment by the Showstoppers, cash bar, Chinese and silent auction, raffle, and a live band. Doors open at 6:00 pm; dinner and show at 7:00 pm, followed by dancing to Johnny's Basement cover band. Tickets are $20 in advance. Contact Kelly Zucco at 508-758-4525.

MAC Landscape Painting Workshop
The Marion Art Center is pleased to announce a summer workshop, Painting the Landscape, to be held Friday, August 4 and Saturday, August 5 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. In this workshop, award-winning artist Eli Cedrone will cover all key elements needed for a successful landscape painting: design, value, color and brushwork. Students will learn how to have a strategy to capture the scene before them with a simplified design and correct color relationships.
Each day, Eli will demonstrate the quick study and how to simplify value patterns to achieve unity and impact. She will introduce an innovative method of color mixing using a simple, four-value approach. Students will learn to see both color and value as a unit, identify them and quickly mix the desired color. With this approach, it's easy to establish a pattern of light informed by the direction of the sun and to achieve unity and impact. In case of inclement weather, students will have the opportunity to use reference materials. How to translate photos into useful information for paintings will be discussed. Each day, Eli will demonstrate the quick study before students paint.
The workshop may be taken as either a single-day class or as a two-day class. Tuition for a single-day class is $115 for MAC members and $125 for non-members. Tuition for taking the workshop as a 2-day class is $220 for members and $230 for non-members. Materials to be provided by students; supplies list available upon request. For more information on the instructor, visit For more information on the workshop, call MAC at 508-748-1266 or visit

Mattapoisett Town Beach Opening Party
Mattapoisett Recreation will be hosting the annual Mattapoisett Town Beach Opening Party on Saturday, June 24 from 12:00 - 2:00 pm. Join us for a fun afternoon with games and crafts followed by an Ice Cream Sundae Party provided by Oxford Creamery. Rain date is Sunday, June 25.

St. Rose of Lima Chicken Barbecue
The Saint Rose of Lima Church in Rochester will hold their 54th Chicken Barbecue on Sunday, June 25 beginning at noon.
Plan on a day of family fun beginning with St. Rose of Lima's tasty and ever-popular chicken dinner prepared on their open barbecue pit. The menu includes half a chicken with cranberry sauce, peas or corn, potato, roll, watermelon, and a beverage. Meals will be available from 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm, or while supply lasts. Tickets may be purchased after weekend masses or on the day of the event. They are priced at $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 years and under.
Concession stands and a bakery booth will be stocked with a variety of other foods to tempt everyone's palate.
Come and enjoy some good, old-fashioned fun. There will be games to test your skill and luck, a Bounce House, raffles, a silent auction, and a white elephant table. DJ Alex will provide entertainment throughout the day.
Bring your whole family and join the festivities at St. Rose of Lima, just off Route 105 in Rochester on Vaughan Hill Road.

Bucks for Buck Chuck
Ok, what's Buck Chuck up to now? That shadow behind you, the strange movement behind the bushes or that bump in the dark of night, is probably not Buck Chuck, more than likely it's just a burglar. Unlike a burglar, Buck Chuck, The Rochester Country Fair's Mascot, has been spotted everywhere lately.
Buck Chuck has come up with a new idea to create a teen area at this year's Rochester Country Fair. The main attraction will be a professional beach volleyball court, alongside cornhole tables, ladder toss and other activities. The new teen area, called Buck Chuck Beach, will be located at the west tree line by Gate D. The volleyball court will be centrally located next to a small hill that will make a natural grandstand for watching the games or just relaxing with friends.
One of our goals is to have a beach volleyball tournament between Old Colony and Old Rochester Regional High School on Saturday afternoon for both boys' and girls' teams. On Friday and Sunday, the court along with all the games will be open to first come, first up matches with some simple rules to give everyone access to the court.
Now it seems this rodent has come up with a great idea and now it's time for Buck Chuck to come up with the "bucks" to fund the project and this is where he needs your help! The campaign to raise the money is called "Bucks for Buck Chuck" and is off and running with an excellent start.
The goal is to raise $4,000 to pay for the equipment and materials needed for the court and games, and we're pleased to announce that thanks to our local business community and friends of Buck Chuck, we are already half way there! Buck Chuck has been very busy raising funds and planning for the upcoming events, but he still has much work to do.
If you or your business would like to help, please send your donation - large or small, any amount is greatly appreciated - to: Town of Rochester Country Fair, P.O. Box 321, Rochester, MA 02770. Please write "Bucks for Buck Chuck" on the memo line to designate your funds for the teen area project.
Thank you and we will see you at the Rochester Country Fair this August 18-20 for some good family fun! Visit us on Facebook or on the web at

Marion Fourth of July Parade
The Town of Marion is presently organizing the Annual Marion Fourth of July Parade that is scheduled for Tuesday, July 4 at 9:00 am sharp.
The Parade will form beginning at 8:00 am on the Fourth of July in the ball field behind the Marion Town House and adjacent to the Sippican School. Parade organizers will be available to check participants in and to line up the parade.
Trophies will be awarded for First, Second and Third place in each category listed on the application. There is also a Best in Parade award.
Applications for participating in the parade are available at the Marion Town House or they can be submitted online at
To ensure applications are received in a timely manner, do not mail on or after June 26, 2017. Applications may be hand delivered to the Marion Town House until Monday, July 3, 2017. Online applications will also be accepted until July 3, 2017. Applications will be accepted on the morning of the parade until 8:30 am although we encourage preregistration.
For questions, please contact the Parade Committee at 508-748-3515 or

Rochester Historical Society Photo Contest
The Rochester Historical Society is sponsoring a photo contest for Rochester children sixteen (16) years and under. In line with the theme of the Country Fair this year, the topic for the photo contest is "Farming in Rochester." There are many types of farms in Rochester (i.e., cattle, cranberries, poultry, horses, vegetables, haying, sheep, etc.) and a variety of equipment to get the farming done.
The photos submitted will be on display at the Historical Society Booth for the three days (August 18, 19 & 20) of the Country Fair at Pine Street, Rochester. Voting for favorites will be done by those attending the fair and the Top 3 winners will be announced at the Fair on Sunday afternoon. Prizes will be awarded for the Top 3 winners. Voting will end at noon on Sunday, August 20 and the winners will be posted at the Historical Society booth at the Fair.
Pictures must be at least 3 x 5 in size and can be either color or black/white. Each person may enter one (1) photo. Please put your name, address, phone number and age on the back of the photo and mail to Rochester Historical Society, P.O. Box 171, Rochester, MA 02770. Deadline for mailing the photos is August 1. Any questions, call 508-961-7401.

Addiction Support Group
The Regain Addiction Family Support Group will be starting a new group session in Mattapoisett. This peer discussion group will provide encouragement and information to anyone that has been affected by another's addiction. Each session has a Certified Naloxone/Narcan trainer, Addiction Recovery Coach, and faith-based ministry group host to answer questions. Meeting groups are being held in the Southeast Massachusetts area now.
Please contact us for information if you are interested in joining one of our new summer support group sessions.
For more information contact us: Telephone: 774-328-6196, e-mail:, Facebook: Regain addiction support group.

Marion Natural History Museum
Join us Wednesday afternoons this summer for nature programs with the Marion Natural History Museum from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. Cost is $24/each program for members; $30/each program for non-members.
July 12: Children's Nature Journaling Workshop. Learn the art of observation with Artist and Naturalist Tricia Cassady. This is a great way to introduce the students to the world of journaling. We will make a small sketch book and then go outside to learn different ways to observe and draw from nature.
July 19: Rain Gutter Regatta with engineer Mark Whalen. Participants will be developing a vessel to "race the clock" as well as each other. The program includes pre-event discussion and demonstration of sailboat engineering and design: buoyancy, stability, lift and drag forces. Program is limited, so please register early!
July 26: Tour of Bird Island with Carolyn Mostello, biologist with the MA Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Marion Harbormaster. We will be learning a little about the birds that need the island for nesting and the important habitat restoration work that has been done to the island over the winter. This program has limited space, so please register early!
August 2: Exploring Fresh Water ecosystems at Washburn Park. We'll be exploring vernal pools, woods and bogs. We'll spend the afternoon looking at plants and soils, netting amphibians and fish, and looking for birds and signs of other types of wildlife.
August 9: Exploring soils with USDA soil scientist Maggie Payne. Come and learn about the soil beneath your feet. We will conduct experiments to determine different soil types, explore the life in the soil, and learn about what makes and keeps soil healthy and productive.
Coastal Explorations: July 10 - July 21, 9:00 am - noon, Monday - Friday. This program will feature explorations of our rocky inter-tidal shoreline, salt marshes, estuaries as well as freshwater riverbanks, swamps, ponds and bogs. Daily we will take trips to look for the birds, amphibians, fish and invertebrates that make these areas so special. For students entering grades 3-5. The fee for our Coastal Exploration Program is $200 for museum members, $250 for non-members, and registration is limited to 15.
All of these programs are designed to be small groups, and registration is limited. To register for any of these programs please go to, fill out the registration or submit the form with payment to: Marion Natural History Museum, 8 Spring Street, Marion, MA 02738. Please call the museum if you have any questions at 508-748-2098, and please visit the museum during our open hours this summer.

Dog Licensing Reminder
Kathleen Massey, Animal Control Officer for the Town of Mattapoisett, wishes to remind all dog owners that late fees of $10 each on dog licenses started on June 1, 2017. If you haven't already done so, please stop by the Town Clerk's Office between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday to license your dog. The fees are $9 if the pet is spayed or neutered and $12 if they are not. Payments can also be made online through the Town's website Click on the online payments icon and then the Town Clerk online payment tab. As long as there is a current rabies certificate on file, the license will be mailed out to you when payment is received.

24th Annual Buzzards Bay Swim
Kick off your summer with a splash by swimming for clean water at the Buzzards Bay Coalition's 24th annual Buzzards Bay Swim on Saturday, June 24. Swimmers can register now at
More than 260 swimmers from all over New England and the U.S. have already signed up for this 1.2-mile point-to-point open water swim across outer New Bedford Harbor, from the South End of New Bedford to Fort Phoenix State Reservation in Fairhaven. Swimmers of all levels ages 11 and up are welcome - if you can swim for 40-50 minutes continuously, you can complete the Buzzards Bay Swim!
At the celebratory finish line party, swimmers are greeted by a cheering crowd, finisher's medal, live steel drum band, beer tent, free massages and pancakes cooked to order. Prizes will be awarded to individuals and teams for speed, fundraising and length of participation, including the new "Pukwudgie Award" for swimmers who have participated in 20 Buzzards Bay Swims.
All funds raised from the Buzzards Bay Swim support the Coalition's work to protect clean water in communities across the region, from Little Compton to Woods Hole. Over the past 24 years, swimmers have collectively raised more than a million dollars to help improve the health of the Bay ecosystem for all. Registration is $25 with a $150 fundraising minimum (pay-or-raise).
As an added challenge this year, West Falmouth resident and 10-year Buzzards Bay Swim veteran Larry Fish has offered a $25,000 matching grant if 340 swimmers sign up and raise a total of $135,000.
For more information about the Buzzards Bay Swim, visit or contact the Coalition at 508-999-6363 ext. 207 or
The Waterkeeper Alliance SPLASH Buzzards Bay Swim to benefit Buzzards Baykeeper is also sponsored by Amica Insurance, Citizens Commercial Banking, YMCA Southcoast and Fiber Optic Center. For more information on the SPLASH Event Series, presented nationally by Toyota, please visit

Need a Bible?
The Mattapoisett Congregational Church has several Bibles that are no longer being used and is giving them away to new homes. If you'd like a Bible, please drop by the church during office hours, 8:30 am to noon, Monday through Friday. You may call ahead to 508-758-2671 to reserve a copy if you wish.
Most of these Bibles are in the Revised Standard Version. They are all clean, complete, and in very good shape.

Be a Friend. Change a Life
The Friendly Visitor Program is sponsored by the Mattapoisett Senior Center to provide companionship and support to isolated seniors who express feelings of loneliness and isolation. Through weekly home visits, volunteers develop meaningful, long-term relationships with seniors who appreciate the company and look forward to the visits. Many seniors have fascinating life stories to share. And often volunteers discover they receive as much as they give. The impact is powerful. Your time and commitment can change a person's life; friendship is an essential ingredient for everyone's mental health. Refer someone you know or become a visitor yourself. Contact Susan Keir, Outreach Coordinator, at 508-758-4110 or email

Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride
Buzzards Bay provides some of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in New England - from Sakonnet Point in Little Compton and the farm coast of Westport and Dartmouth to New Bedford's working waterfront, charming Onset Village and the famed science community of Woods Hole on Cape Cod. If you love cycling and want to protect clean water in our community, then sign up for the 11th annual Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride on Sunday, October 1 by visiting
The Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride is a fun community event that supports a great cause: clean water in Buzzards Bay. More than 150 cyclists participate in the Watershed Ride each year, pedaling across the beautiful Buzzards Bay region to raise funds for clean water.
Riders can sign up for 35- and 75-mile routes as well as a 100-mile "century ride" that circles the entirety of Buzzards Bay starting from the dramatic breakwater at Sakonnet Point, RI. All three routes join together to end with a lively finish line party in the heart of Woods Hole Village featuring dinner, beer and wine, live music, awards and free massages.
"I've really enjoyed the event all three times and will definitely plan to come back again," said Jeff Gonsalves of Dartmouth, who participated in the 100-mile century ride from Sakonnet Point to Woods Hole last year. "The route is fantastic, the rest stops are well placed and well stocked, and volunteers provide great support to all the riders."
Whether you're an avid cyclist or a more casual rider, you'll enjoy the Ride's gorgeous scenery through coastal villages, farmland, working waterfront and colorful cranberry bogs. Many cyclists form teams with their friends, family and coworkers, sporting flashy uniforms and colorful names like "The Patch Pedalers," "Shore Acres Scallywags," "Team Girl Power," and "The Speeding Turtles."
Cyclists ages 12 and over are welcome. Riders are fully supported along the course with water and snack stations, clea

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