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New Businesses In Mattapoisett

Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen

By Marilou Newell

While one new business owner found a clear path when asking for a license to conduct business in Mattapoisett, another found bumps in the road.

Katherine Gauvin, a local resident, came before the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen on July 23 requesting permission to operate a catering and food concession truck in Mattapoisett serving what she described as "healthy" sandwiches. That prompted Selectman Chairman Jordan Collyer to exclaim, "What, no bacon?"

Alice's Food Truck, as Gauvin explained, will provide on-site catering services for events, fairs, or special occasions. The truck will be fully fitted with Board of Health approved operating kitchen equipment and sanitation practices. Gauvin's request was approved.

Also approved was Eric Desrosiers' request for a Class II Used Dealer's License to sell used automobiles online, but not before Vera Gibbons, his landlady, complained and voiced concerns.

"Captains Way is a private residential road," said Gibbons. "We wouldn't want business there." Her concern was that used cars would be paraded on the roadway and increase traffic due to Desrosiers' conducting business from the home she owns.

Gibbons even went so far as to say his living arrangement might be put in jeopardy if he was permitted to do business - even paperwork - from the residence.

After being told by Collyer to settle down, and that restrictions on how Desrosiers conducted business could be included in the license, Gibbons said, "Strike what I said then." She was reminded that the meeting was being publically aired and that media was present.

Police Chief Mary Lyons was present to say she had no problem with the business when asked for her opinion. Desrosiers confirmed he was fully insured and bonded.

Desrosiers was issued a license with the restriction that paperwork and other business transactions would not take place on or near his residence. The used car business will be Internet based only, with up to three vehicles being warehoused at Mattapoisett Self-Storage when space becomes available.

Town Administrator Michael Gagne reported to the selectmen that the town is beginning the process of pursuing electrical aggregation with the assistance of SRPEDD and Good Energy LP, Conway, MA.

Electrical aggregation is a program by which cities and towns form a collective buying group so that the residents can benefit from a set electrical unit price. The towns nearby that have also agreed to such a plan include Acushnet, Rochester, Marion, and Attleboro to name a few.

Gagne said the aggregation document from Good Energy will be uploaded to the Town's website, with a hardcopy available at both Town Hall and the library. He also said there will be public hearings to fully vet the benefits and receive resident input in the coming weeks. The public comment period begins August 11. Comments can be via email or dropped off at the Selectmen's Office.

Roadwork on the Acushnet Road culvert was updated with Gagne stating that P. A. Landers, Kingston, MA was the low bidder at $578,000.

Casting and curing of the culvert can now begin, he said, noting that one portion of the project would be the most time consuming. He also confirmed that Mass DOT has approved the design, and he believed that the additional hydraulic figures they requested were just a formality.

In other matters, Selectman Paul Silva and Collyer questioned why the Harbormaster's Office was closed at 5:00 pm, given the amount of boating activity taking place during the summer evenings, and why it seemed that on weekend mornings no one was there at 8:00 am.

Gagne said he would look into that and report back, although he thought the hours had been set for 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

A letter received from Brad Hathaway, 87 Aucoot Road, was read into the meeting. In the letter, Hathaway asks for the selectmen's support in getting all public hearings regarding the proposed private pier planned for Aucoot Cove to be held locally. Silva said to put his request on the agenda for the next selectmen's meeting to give the public opportunity to comment on his request.

The next meeting of the Mattapoisett Board of Selectmen is scheduled for August 11 at 7:00 pm in the Mattapoisett Town Hall conference room.

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