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BOS Appoints Veterans Services Agent

Marion Board of Selectmen

By Marilou Newell

Marion's veterans will continue to receive uninterrupted assistance now that the Marion Board of Selectmen on October 21 appointed Barry Denham as their agent, replacing retired Veterans Services Agent Bill Titcomb.

Town Administrator Paul Dawson told the board that he has been in discussions with Veterans Services District personnel regarding a Tri-Town approach to local veteran needs. This would allow Marion to share expenses with Mattapoisett and Rochester without shouldering the full burden themselves.

Denham, who is currently the agent for Mattapoisett and Rochester, agreed to assist as the agent in Marion as well.

Selectman Chairman Jonathan Henry spoke of Denham's exemplary military career and decades-long commitment to aiding veterans when they returned home. The board gave Dawson the green light to continue his discussions with the Veterans Services District representatives and to move forward with the plan to join forces with Mattapoisett and Rochester in providing veteran services.

The Board of Selectmen agenda was populated by requests for water abatements from residents with massive water bills brought on by a variety of problems requiring relief.

Previously approved abatements for 355 Delano Road - $5175.33; 468 Delano Road - $780.21; 6 Jenney Lane - $1189.98; 28 Pawkechatt Way - $609.35; and 14 Water Street - $4,716 were all approved.

Continuing on the theme of water, or sewer, was a request for $1156.09 for sewer pumps from the Marion Water and Sewer Division, and a sewer application from Thomas McLaughlin of Dexter Road seeking an after-the-fact sewer tie-in at his property. This was granted with the caveat that McLaughlin assume all related expenses. An abatement was also approved for John Doherty, 12 Harnum Way in the amount of $314.

An application for another after-the-fact sewer tie-in for the King Property, Lot 30A on Converse Road, was also approved. Selectmen Henry noted that this would allow others in the contiguous area to also have an opportunity to tie-in to the sewer system.

Earlier in the evening, the BOS heard from the Town House Building Committee, which has been collecting data and information from various Town departments on their space needs and the possibility and feasibility of a "campus-like" design.

The needs of the Council on Aging and School Department were discussed. The committee was thanked for their continuing efforts in this long range and far-reaching project.

Other agenda items receiving approval were: Marion Art Center Halloween Parade; a November 8 one-day alcohol license for the Marion Social Club; a November 8 one-day alcohol license for the VFW; and placement of food containers for the Greater New Bedford United Way food drive in the Town House.

The ZBA received quorum relief in the form of the full-time appointment of Michelle Ouillette to their board. The BOS will await the ZBA's recommendations on the two alternates who have applied.

The next meeting of the Marion Board of Selectmen is scheduled for November 4 at 7:00 pm in the Town House conference room.

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